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Sing A New Song Unto the Lord: Arts Students Troll Westboro Heathens


Sing A New Song Unto the Lord: Arts Students Troll Westboro Heathens

Proclaiming "God Loves Jazz," up to 100 harmonious students of New York's Juilliard School turned out to joyfully confront a rabid handful of Westboro Churchers (sic) protesting their "vanity" and "proud sin," which has inexorably "filled the nation with proud sodomites.” In violation of all that is decent, the jubilant and no doubt promiscuous students sang, marched and played string versions of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Amazing Grace” to show, "We have nothing but love."


"Moralists love Religion because it allows them to be Cruel with a Clear Conscience."

Bertrand Russell


When you mix meth and the blood of Christ, what you get is............


If you have ever heard the sublime music of John Coltrane, especially his later works, then you will understand Oscar Wilde's words.


Yes: let's just look at what has happened in the establishment of the US on other's lives and land.


What a great article! Period. 'nuff said!


And yeah, that's one psycho website! (!!!)


Can't you just feel the love of Christ emanating from all of that hate?


Sorry to interrupt, but where? when? What was the provocation? I truly would like to celebrate, but I need some actual journalism here.


First link in the story goes to The Nation https://www.thenation.com/article/new-york-city-students-tell-westboro-baptist-church-that-god-loves-jazz/


Thanks, Brian. I read it all here in News&Views, and the links didn't come through. They're not all that clear in the "full article," though either.


We had a similar group show up on our campus last week. The grounds dept. suddenly needed to get out their leaf blowers and take meticulous care of the sidewalks in that area. The school band also got into the act with several rousing renditions of the school fight song. Even the Baptist Student Union got involved with some loud singing. They didn't stay long.


Bravo. Certainly the students sang the standard 1st verse of the "The Star-Spangled Banner”. I wonder, at Westboro Church do they sing the racist complete, original version?