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Sing in Unison, David Brooks Tells Black Athletes


Sing in Unison, David Brooks Tells Black Athletes

Adam Johnson

David Brooks is a Very Concerned Man. The majority of his New York Times columns are him feigning agreement with the aims of the subject in question, but he just has Some Concerns he’d like to go over. These Concerns are almost always aimed at silencing the left and/or people of color who are too “radical” for his taste. His latest attempt to do so is one of the more vulgar examples of this habit, and one of the more incompetently executed.


Brooks is so disconnected from the ninety-nine percent as to be irrelevant. He is like a political bubble boy, zipped away from what really happens in the myriad corners of this country. Nevertheless he is a well paid shill and probably comes across as reasonable and measured to many in TV land.


Murdering black children is counterproductive.
Drone bombing the Middle East is counterproductive.
$13.8 billion to Israel is counterproductive.
The New York Times is counterproductive.

The Democratic party has taken a clear, if unspoken, position of distancing itself from Black Lives Matter, borderline terrorist. It cares enough to ask black people to vote for Democrats, but not enough to change anything. There is an out-of-touch, snobbish, and frankly racist attitude demonstrated by many upper middle class liberals that can be summed up as, "I don't know why you're complaining. MY life is wonderful." And this attitude is one of the underlying precursors of the murders we are seeing.

NYT, as well as NPR and probably a few others, is a class-oriented news corporation. The ads and the magazine are geared toward the very rich white, as are the choices of what news to cover and the opinions in the editorials. It isn't just ignorant of the black experience. It's ignorant of the "anybody but me" experience.


"The revelation that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were a lie, two never-ending wars, an economy that crashed and bailed out the richest while leaving the poor to fend for themselves, Katrina, the rise of the incarceration state, police shootings: These aren’t what caused a dip in national pride. No, it must be a moral failing on the part of ungrateful Americans, namely, in this case, uppity blacks who have decided of late to not sit idly by while they’re gunned down with impunity."

Well yeah, but since a history lesson is on the table, may I just add a couple of things that caused a dip in national pride? Vietnam, the extra-judicial executions of JFK, RFK, and MLK among others, Watergate, Nixon, CIA drug dealing. The list goes on but you get the point.I hope. STEIN/BARAKA 2016!


Tell the world, David Brooks, how proud you are of your son for serving in uniform. Oh, why not? You mean, he didn't serve his country, but signed up for a foreign nation? He served in the armed forces of a middle eastern nation?! And you're still proud?!
Mr Brooks, how do you dare to lecture other people on patriotism?
And most of your columns stink anyhow. Tossed word salad!


Found a very funny column taking Brooks to pieces when I first read about this particular column on 'Very Smart Brothas'. Over a year old, but well worth reading: