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Sing Me Back Home: RIP Don Williams


Sing Me Back Home: RIP Don Williams

The great, tender, plain-spoken Don Williams, "gentle giant" of a Zen country music of grace and soul, has died at 78. It's a grievous loss for those of us who used to listen to him on 8-track in our pick-ups cruising through the beatific woods. Williams, said the Country Music Hall of Fame, "offered calm, beauty, and a sense of wistful peace that is in short supply these days." May his voice endure, till the rivers all run dry.


“Sometimes I wonder who I am / But I believe in love.”


One more loss from the days when Country was, first-and-foremost, class-conscious!

Tom T. Hall - who could also be pretty Zen, will probably be next… This song of his entered my mind while watching barking fox squirrels in a tree in my yard yesterday…Western PA can be crazy with fox squirrels.


Loved the gentle giant. We sentimental types respind warmly to his music and poetry.


“If I Needed You” is one perfectly written lyric. A simple little tune, but gorgeously constructed, and as honest, humble and comforting as music can be.
Written by Townes Van Zandt. (RIP). Covered by many.


Townes Van Zandt introduced the song with the following statement at a private concert in Houston: “It came to me in a dream. I was living in Tennessee with Guy and Susanna Clark, and I was asleep, and I had a notepad by my mattress - I had a mattress on the floor. I was dreaming that I was a folk singer, and this was the song I played, and I happened to wake up, write it down, and went right back to sleep. The next morning I woke up, went to the room with all the guitars, picked up a guitar and played it through. It never has changed.”


Goodbye, Don. Your music will be cherished for a long time.


Another of the giants of Country’s Golden Age has fallen, but his words, his music and his soul are eternal. You know, I’m sure, that he wrote a couple of Patsy Cline’s biggest hits, and ther artists as well. Peace.


As a lover of that good old country music, Im gonna surely miss Don williams


Hi, Yunzer. " Tom T. Hall - who could also be pretty Zen". I have long thought of Tom T. Hall as the thinking person’s Country singer. I wonder what you mean by that comment.