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Singing Her Own Song for Decades, Buffy Sainte-Marie Picks Up Prestigious Prize


Singing Her Own Song for Decades, Buffy Sainte-Marie Picks Up Prestigious Prize

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Cree First Nation singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte Marie, 74, is the 2015 winner of Canada's Polaris Music Prize, bestowed annually by a jury of music critics, bloggers, and broadcasters to one album deemed to have the most "artistic merit" regardless of genre, sales, or label.

Sainte-Marie's album Power in the Blood—her 21st—beat nine other finalists for the award, including rapper Drake, former Polaris winner Caribou, and Toronto rock band Alvvays. The Polaris prize comes with a $50,000 award.


What a gift Buffy has given the world. Such an artist should be viewed as a national treasure rather then being censured from radio broadcast as she was and still is in most markets. My wife and I have all of her CDs and have listened to her sing since the mid 60s. When we want to refresh ourselves and remember why we do what we do, we listen to Buffy. She is an activist to admire, an artist to pay attention to, and a person who's life is open to any who want to know. The work she has done and the fields she has pioneered speak volumes for her as a human being and artist. Thank you Buffy.


It is a joy to remember Buffy St. Marie with the eyes of the 'sixties' and to hear her in the 'twenteens' of this new century. She was no flash in the pan... she remained an activist and spokesperson for First Nations and all of us who care about humanity, nature and freedom as well. She has long had many old fans - who have loved hearing her distinctive voice and its message over the decades.


as energizing and timely as the day it was written ... NoNo Keshagesh.
Its about time! Good on Ya Buffy Sainte Marie!
So many treasures Little Wheel Spin and Spin. and God is Alive Magic is Afoot


She walks in Grace.


Yay Buffy!

Love your music, your activism, and that soul piercing beautiful tremble in your voice.


What a talent, she speaks universal themes, as do all great artists, and the contribution lives through time, One of my favorites:


thank you for posting this...i love Buffy but never saw her play the mouth bow! what a treat...i had to go look it up, find out what that was!


Well put, "soul piercing beautiful tremble..."


Good for her. Sometimes what goes around, comes around, in a most delightful way. Buffy Ste. Marie certainly deserves this award and money, too She tours almost every year around the globe; saving the world is definitely her full time job. And, Canada sure has given the world some thoughtful singer/songwriter/interpreters in the last 50 years. Happy here for UB40, too.


I was a professional folk singer in the 60s and early 70s. I finished every set with the Universal Soldier. It always left the crowd silent and thoughtful. Buffy has always been my hero. Check out her song about codeine addiction called "Codine"


Congratulations to Buffy Sainte-Marie.


That first video clip in which she explains the genesis of "Universal Soldier" - tracing war from the soldier to the generals to the politicians - to the ones who elect them, you and me .... ought to be emphasized here and everywhere in our political discussions, doncha think?


thank you Ms. St.Marie. i will simply underline everything already stated so much better than i could by this respondent (thanks for saving me much finger typing!).


Nice treat...thanks


Buffy is a great musician and an extraordinary women who has endured. She recently mentioned that she was blacklisted in the US for her activism. While being a celebratory who was known in Canada by everybody, her name just faded into history in the US. She was kept off of Television and her albums were not promoted. A lot of her current music is fresh and new. I hope this award will help introduce her to a younger audience in the US.


I'd vote her president of this hemisphere were that possible. A wonderful human being most would agree I would like to think.


so wonderful to see her online and to hear of her latest prize so well deserved. Such a gift to the world. Thanx so much Buffy - we need you now more than ever as the fools and war mongers parade their idiocy on the world stage.