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'Single Most Important Stat on the Planet': Alarm as Atmospheric CO2 Soars to 'Legit Scary' Record High

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/single-most-important-stat-planet-alarm-atmospheric-co2-soars-legit-scary-record


Perhaps money isn’t the best measure of $ucce$$.


I know on the left there’s a bit of a p&ssing contest right now over this issue, but my two cents is that everything has to be dropped and all hands need to be on deck for this issue above all others.

We are a one-issue species right now, whether we like it or not. And we all have to become revolutionary/radical environmentalists as quickly as we can possibly be.

Let’s get it done. I’m seriously disabled and am willing to get myself chained up to some of the Man’s gears.


350.org was named for their goal of keeping CO2 levels at 350 ppm.

Time to change that name to 450.org.

Also, we’re seriously clusterf**ked. And at this point, I care a lot more about the unfolding extinction event than human suffering. We’re getting what we deserve.


In my comment above, the Common Dreams auto-link function went cray-cray. Heh.

Sure is getting hot here and everywhere…as I noted yesterday 6/4, when the 50Gt methane burp goes that is it…that burp is twice the amount of CO2 in the air right now, do I need to repeat? no…and yet what is being reported elsewhere? what is being discussed elsewhere? yes there is here at Commondreams and a few others but mainstream? do we really have any kind of chance then?..be kind, share what you have, love intensely because only love remains…


We need to declare war on the fossil, fuel industries before they murder us all! Because they have declared war on us! And our planet; they need to be labeled what they are: ENVIRONMENTAL, TERRORISTS!


Capitalism and the Concentration of the Corporate Owned Media are the root of the problem

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa3wyaEe9vE
  2. http://www.cmcrp.org/

Mr. Blair M. Phillips


we also have to do our part, which is actually pretty hard. we have to change us, too. I look at the lifestyle habits I’ve picked up from over a half-century of living as a disposable American and I’m appalled at how many anti-environment habits I still lug around.

There needs to be a lot of changing, not just from capitalists. From all of us. But yeah, definitely have to deal with capital…:slight_smile:


It takes a 16 year old school girl to speak up for the continued existence of humanity. Where are the global leaders? They are too busy measuring GDP, counting money from special interests, beefing up their war chests, and trying to decide what to do with all those radicals marching in the streets.


Could geoengineering take place in secret? How would we test that this is or isn’t taking place? Big oil has know about CO2 since the late 1970’s? What is their plan? I would imagine getting this sulfur to stay put in one place in the atmosphere and not clump together or float where you don’t want it would be difficult. But correct me if I’m wrong.

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Cutting EMISSIONS in half by 2030 means Making Things Worse only half as fast in 2030 as we are Making Things Worse today.  WHAT ABOUT THE CO2 that’s ALREADY IN the atmosphere???  It will keep on Making Things Worse for a long, long time . . .


Bear in mind that cutting emissions in half by 2030 includes this year – and emissions are on track to rise again in 2019 just like they did last year. A study by Exxon scientists (who accurately predicted everything about climate chaos back in the 70s) projects small increases in global emissions up to 2030!

Dang. It didn’t take humans long to f**k up a pretty nice planet.


It’s way past time to hand the reins of power to the younger generation the old order could care less, they are just concerned about their portfolios and most of them know they will be gone before the worst effects of AGW are felt.


Homo Sapiens by the billions willingly led to their extinction by a greedy few is indeed hard to comprehend! We will not be a pencil dot on the geological time line…because no one will ever know we existed.

However, now in my eighties with ebbing physical power, I will toil onward in behalf of the little great grand babies in the family… even if their parents are climate change denying morons.


As usual I ignore the fossil fuel industry’s paid troll who has been posting today. Mr. Koch, for an engineer you’re an idiot.

350 ppm is rather arbitrary. We want to set the parts per million of greenhouse gases back to at least 300 ppm, maybe 280 ppm is better, as long as we’re setting goals here.

We’re a rather clever technological human society by now. If we need to subsidize farmers to put gigatons of carbon back into their own topsoil as the Amish have been doing for centuries, we can do that. If we need houses that can store the heat of a sunny day for three days, the main question would be whether to use water or 2" rocks as the thermal storage medium.

A new transit system is harder, but not that hard. I see a handful of separate systems for generating electricity after sundown, so that we don’t need natural gas peaking plants anymore.

We need to inhibit and then reverse the Arctic meltdown. I expect to see wind powered pumps on the Arctic Ocean and wind powered snowmaking machines on the tundra. This work would cost the world $1 to $10 billion per year until we drive the ppm back below 300 ppm, but it’s really worth it.




Money certainly doesn’t create love, friendship and community.
I’m pretty sure we weren’t born to live our lives out for the sole purpose of making money.
So, why do we spend most of our waking hours pursuing it?


Consider that the breathable portion of the atmosphere is less than 10 miles thick. A person only needs to get up to 8000 foot altitude to start experiencing altitude sickness. There’s not a lot of atmosphere up there to f-k up. So, its not hard to do.

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And all these capitalists and religious leaders think man is the highest life form and could care less if millions of species go extinct. It seems to me we are nothing more than big greedy monkeys who evolved with the benefit of language, fire, weapons, and social engineering. At least the dinosaurs did not intentionally destroy the planet. And we mock them for their small brains.