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Single Mothers and Their Children Are Taking Over Abandoned Public Buildings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/26/single-mothers-and-their-children-are-taking-over-abandoned-public-buildings


With forecasts of 28 million newly homeless by year’s end, space beneath bridges will soon run out and homeless people will be scrambling to survive wherever. With so many murkin bridges on the verge of collapse due to maintenance money going for corporate welfare, who wants to risk living under a bridge ?


mother of 8?? Where is the father (or fathers) and why are there so many single mothers, surely a recipe to likely make life more difficult?


Thanks so much for your work and for this article. We, in the Pacific NW, have been dealing with an obscene amount of homelessness while huge buildings are either empty or mostly empty. Foreclosed homes have been bought up by national rental agencies and rents are sky high. As a 78 year old Seattle native, I can remember with pride a time when homelessness almost didn’t exist. Thank you Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and all the other neo-liberals who have given us the situation we have now.


Philadelphia, PA, minimum wage in 2020, the federal basement $7.25. Wage Slaves work hard for that $7.25 per herniated hour. Let U.S. see how the investors are faring over the Wage Slaves since we cannot turn to our Public Airwaves where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER or MARKETPLACE or FREAKANOMICS or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE NEWS or FORBES. Yet no Organized Labor DEMAND for access to the Public’s Airwaves for representation of the views and experiences of the 99.9% of U.S. has yet appeared to materially upset bid-net as usual.

Where is WAGE SLAVE WEEK or PLANET OF THE CLOCK-PUNCHERS? Eh, UFCW? That negotiated with Kroger the Corporate Welfare Recipient whose share-holders collect profit dividends while $14.2 Million Dollar CEO William Rodney McMullen back in Cincy has to pay no more than FOOD STAMP NATION costs for labor and WAGE STAG-NATION\FLATION spirals for half a century of AUSTERITY and FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY PREACHING from CORPORATE LOOTERS of the U.S. TREASURY who do HooDoo enjoy impunity for SUITE CRIME while STREET CRIME gets 3 Strikes and Yer Out treatment in U.S. broadcast indoctri-NATION time.

All for a sub-minimum wage labor contract for the most physically grueling warehouse and shelf-stocker work, once you deduct the Union Membership fees from the net pay stub:


Haven’t seen hide nor hair of our far better paid Union Rep since COVID turned our cramped online commerce Pick Up section into a death trap that not even corrupted OSHA can be troubled to inspect during pandemic.

We’re surprised at the onset of our AGE OF PLAGUE? Which is it, Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys Neo-Liberal E-CON of GREED IS GOOD weaponized Cold War propaganda turned to Wall Street’s Robber Baron redux purposes? Or now with pandemic, are we ALL IN THIS TOGETHER? Our nation’s evangelicals and Zionist Diaspora seem to be better served, overwhelmingly so, by this family bid-net man, Tweeting Twit of a Solipsistic\Narcissistic serial corporate bankruptcy protection seeking and vendor stiffing graduate of U. of Penn’s Wharton School of Bid-Net where today’s statesmen are minted… The recent story of Harvard’s bid-net school program titled THE GOLDEN PASSPORT tells U.S. what we need to know but can’t expect to find on the Public’s Airwaves or Cyber Spectrum.

SHAME ON YOU EVE EPSTEIN AND KAI RYSSDAL of MARKETPLACE who know better. Where the Economic Miracle of Historically Low Unemployment figures were repeated and amplified for brain-washing mind control purposes of the decade since 2008’s Supermarkets of Financial Services needed tax-payer bail-outs to consolidate ownership more Anti-Trust style (Wells Fargo uses TARP bail-out to buy WACHOVIA the narco money laundering bank in southeast, JP MORGAN CHASE buys WASH MUTUAL ttps://www.thebalance.com/washington-mutual-how-wamu-went-bankrupt-3305620, B of A buys MERRILL LYNCH).

Meanwhile, via the never explained monetary magic of electronic creation of money for these Privatized U.S. Treasury outlets via Obama-Biden’s Federally Reserved disappeared Lender Debts through QUANTITATIVE EASING 1 and 2. Debtors economically and miraculously remain on the hook til death do them part…

Never an educational use of the broadcast air waves; no contextual mention of historic Part-Timing, Uber-ization, De-Professionalization of the on-the-job training of experienced workers let go with Seniority Benefits sacrificed on the American Enterprise Altar of the Golden Bull (apologies to Buffy Sainte-Marie’s PRIESTS OF THE GOLDEN BULL) during the House of Clinton era when we were all going to become entrepreneurs and Managers of the House of Bush coined New World Order.

Recall Globalization’s mostly silent former CIA Chief (China desk) partner George HW “Voo Doo Economics” Bush coined that early outing of the Neo-Liberal\Neo-CON E-CON blueprint for Globalization in the last Public Interest League of Women Voters’ Non-Profit sponsored televised debate to feature an independent candidate. (Non other than the big tv ears sticking up between the Duopoly candidates Bush and Clinton in the diminutive NAFTA trashing Texan Big Government contractor billionaire Ross Perot of the Data Processing Age, …)


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Bravo for bringing this forward. I don’t envy the men or women who have to resort to doing this sort of thing in the sharply repressive and violent atmosphere that exists in the States, with its culture of government violence and extreme bigotry against the poor.

However, when I passed through London in the 1980s, this sort of thing was extensively underway in Southwark, Brixton, Haringuey, and other communities. This was in part enabled by easier laws, Government places were usually easier to squat because corporate entities were generally vindictive. But people sometimes managed to arrive at informal agreements with property holders by demonstrating that they took care of property and repaired it. Careless or angry abuse of property is ill advised because this is extremely expensive for property holders, so it is a major reason that people are excluded from residences in pretty much all ways that this happens.

Local squatters groups helped people by creating central hubs where information about places opening up and closing down could be shared, and moving and childcare or informal legal services could be arranged. I suspect that this is apt to function very differently with drones and cell phones and universal surveillance and draconian American policing, but there must still be people off around South London who know a bit about all this and might advise. I myself was just passing through.

Life has certainly become different in the last decades, and my best to everyone. It is certainly a fine thing to have a roof again, and it pains that so many have to arrange for themselves.


Where is the free birth control?