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Single Payer Advocate Quentin Young Dies at 92


Single Payer Advocate Quentin Young Dies at 92

Russell Mokhiber

Dr. Quentin Young, past president of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) and from 1992-2014 the organization’s national coordinator, died on March 7 in Berkeley, California where he had been under the watchful eyes and care of his daughters and other family members.

He was 92.

In addition to his work with PNHP, Dr. Young co-founded and chaired for many years the Chicago-based Health and Medicine Policy Research Group.


I whole-heartedly agree:

"Young writes that “had I been in Congress, I would have unequivocally voted against Obamacare.”

“It’s a bad bill. Whether it’s worse than what we have now could be argued. We rather think because of its ability to enshrine and solidify the corporate domination of the health system, it’s worse than what we have now. But whether it is somewhat better or a lot worse is immaterial. The health system isn’t working in this country — fiscally, medically, socially, morally.”

Yet Obama holds this ridiculous form of extortion (cum "health" care) up as his greatest achievement.

Just ridiculous.

In the same way that the banks were bailed out without any genuine restraints put upon the practices that led to the Mini-Depression of 2008, turning over vast sums of insurance money to existing insurance consortiums without putting REAL teeth on legislation that would hold down costs (of drugs and access to health CARE) was a total giveaway and piss poor strategy from a tactical perspective; that is, if the leader inducing this system of graft meant for it to actually improve human lives (outside of those of insurance company moguls).


I too am a member of P.N.H.P. I attended my first annual meeting in Indianapolis about 25 years ago. The last one was in Chicago last October. I have not attended any in between because I since have learned that our system is such that we will not have a national health program until we have it in a state or two. That's the way our system works. In the 1930s Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said that states are the laboratories of democracy. We are a large and diverse country. It is necessary to show politicians that it is possible to embrace it and survive. In addition, it is necessary to show that it works and will save money. It is toward that end that I have been working with the Single Payer Action Network of Ohio (SPANOhio.org). People from Ohio that read this, join us.