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Single Payer Success in NY as Medicare-for-All Bill Passes State Assembly


Single Payer Success in NY as Medicare-for-All Bill Passes State Assembly

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the momentum behind Medicare-for-All continues to grow nationwide, New York's State Assembly on Tuesday was expected to pass a single-payer healthcare bill that puts the state light years ahead of the


America is waiting to exhale....just one more vote.


As a New York State resident I am pleased to learn about the Assembly vote. I would be even more pleased and greatly surprised if the single payer plan described in the article passed the state senate and then our governor Cuomo signed it. Contrary to popular belief, New York is not a politically progressive state. To take a current popular for instance: medical marijuana is legal here, but try to get it; the requirements to obtain it are insurmountable. If the state senate vote hinges on one NYC resident who caucuses with the Republicans, my money has it going down. But watch Cuomo carefully. He may at first sound like he's behind the single-payer, but he's as solidly Democratic establishment as they come, as is his veto pen. Remember what DiFi and Pelosi said last couple weeks about single payer--these two mossback hacks are against a government-administered healthcare system, and it's a good bet Andrew will fall in line when the time comes. Don't look for the Empire State to lead on anything except more support for chaos in the Middle East.


Although I am praying that New York single payer makes it through the NY Senate and Governor's office, with the insurance industry deeply rooted in New York and Connecticut for more than two centuries it will indeed be surprising if the NY Senate and Cuomo choose the 99% over the 1% on this one.

In the meantime,,,come on California, you can beat the Empire State to the punch on this one !


" There would be no premiums, deductibles, or co-pays; the plan would be funded through progressively raised taxes, including a surcharge that would be split 80/20 between employers and employees."

Pretty good idea NY dropping the voluntary "individual mandate". Just take the health premium directly our of their paycheck. That way everyone is guaranteed to pay.

BTW, they should just call it a tax or premium, cuz that's what it is..


They did call it a progressive tax--it's in your post.


Yes, that's deep. News flash: government is funded by taxes! Of course, it is. The problem is that the rich have been writing the tax code at the expense of the rest of us. As a result, the very rich have virtually all of the wealth and have undermined the benefits of government that rest of us should be enjoying.

Of course, the system we have has an insidious tax that bankrupts families that get sick.

Let's move on to the merits and not worry about taunts about "raising taxes."


California is a long way away from passing single payer. As hard as it is for some to hear here, the committee vote put a placeholder in the bill for its biggest roadblock--financing. That's the hill single payer always dies on, not the idea itself. You've gotta do three things to make it work and any one of the three make folks leery once discussions start: 1) provide transition financing for folks in insurance and related industries who are going to lose their jobs (billions); 2) raise payroll and income taxes to cover the cost of expansion (billions); and 3) implement price controls. California is a long way from any one of those three happening at the moment. We'll see what happens, but I don't have high hopes given the way things appear to be moving. Cross your fingers.


Used to live in Ontario (the one in Canada) where healthcare was "free". Around 2000 OHIP ran out of money to we git hit with the highest tax increase ever. They called it a health premium.

Don't get me wrong i love "free" health care. You just have to pay for it. And ob\nly way to make people do that is to force them by taking it straight out of the paycheck. At my current age and income, i would most likely be unaffected.


Really, how much taxes did you pay last year? Cuz i paid quite lot and it still would not even cover the local school janitor's pay. You and i should pick a rich guy every year and send him or her a thank you note for Christmas (or Solstice, whatever rocks your boat). Us regular folk pay a pittance in taxes.


Yeah, the premium I pay for health insurance through my employer is taken directly out of my paycheck. So is the the part of the tab he pays.


You love your master?


They should do something truly radical, like hijack the taxes the people of the state are paying to the gov for war and hold on to them - suing the gov for them. Use them for health care.


Of course it is a tax. And what is wrong with that? Taxes are what fund social security and medicare which is directly for the citizens. Many taxes are highjacked to pay for things that do not directly affect all citizens. For instance, the US sends millions to Israel and their citizens have universal health care. Taxes are what allows our elected officials have their single payer health care for life. Good for NY may they be the first state to provide for their citizens.


...and out of all paychecks and earnings: no loopholes for the privileged elites among us!!


Good for the NY State Assembly. This fight for healthcare can only benefit the 99s. Of course it requires paying more taxes. So does fighting Endless Wars. Oh wait, let me rephrase that: so does Endless Shopping for just the right yacht, that perfect fourth home in Vail, the 300 carat diamond back scratcher, the....
Priorities, indeed. Again, NY Dems just keep pushing. Gov. Cuomo wants to be President; so, makes this the price he pays for your support. Power yields nothing without a demand.


A classic failure to analyze. You totally miss the point. The part of the question you omit, is "as compared to what?" The very rich, who have amassed far more wealth than the rest of us should be paying accordingly, because they have amassed all the wealth to themselves and can afford it. It's called progressive taxation.

If the distribution of wealth were more equitable, then the rest of us would have more wealth and would pay more in taxes and be able to afford it.

If you think you're paying too little, then by all means provide healthcare to some homeless person.

I'd rather have a sane, equitable and far less costly health care system where we all share the burden and don't piss away our money on insurance and drug company profits and their excessive executive management salaries and bonuses and on a whole raft of bureaucrats working for insurance companies, insurance companies and health care providers whose job is to argue with another about who gets paid and how much, all of which is a total waste of money.

As for the janitor, given the subhuman minimum wages allowed in this country, I'm guessing I carried at least one janitor on my back -- but then half of the population isn't janitors, so I guess I carried more than my fair share.

Those rich guys are doing anything I need to thank them for. They are the ones getting the free ride.


WooHoo next California and hopefully, Oregon and Washington will sign up for it.


Regarding transition financing for insurance parasites: at the lower and non-ideological levels, sure, they're just people struggling to get by. On the other hand, they participate in the killing of thousands of people.

US society needs to just cut this immoral industry loose, even if it can't or won't provide transition financing.


By that logic, my work in transportation was just providing pathways to road rage and death. Should I turn myself in for being complicit in murder?