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Sit-Ins, Arrests, and Escalation: Student Divestment Movement Springs into Action


Sit-Ins, Arrests, and Escalation: Student Divestment Movement Springs into Action

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The fossil fuel divestment movement continued its momentum this week as students across the U.S. highlighted the need for their institutions to dump "support of global climate disaster, exploitation, and human suffering."


I notice the media is ramping up its efforts to get Murkins to warm up to TPP and TTIP so the corporate tribunals can put an end to these fossil fuel replacement efforts.


"In an other bright spot for the movement, University of Mary Washington announced
that, after years of student campaigning, it was limiting its
endowment's fossil fuel investments, with a goal of 98 percent
divestment." 98% WTF?


Here is a compelling reason, why the Dem. leadership should do everything reasonable to give Bernie the nomination:

In case of a loss of the nomination, he may, unless treated abominably, be obliged to support Clinton into the Nov. election, but after that all deals are off!
Any attempt at raising a third party has so far been futile.
HOWEVER and that is a big HOWEVER, should Bernie lose the nomination, he has enough momentum and progressive support, to gut the Democratic Party and start a brand new Social Democratic Party with an excellent chance for success in 2020 against the Trump demolished GOP and the gutted Democratic Party.
By then there will be a huge shift of demographics in his favor. The 45 year old people will then be 49, thereby reducing the numbers of the older, entrenched Hillary supporters and there will be a brand new force of 18 to 22 year old youth arising.


Of course, these MSM are owned by the corporations, which stand to gain even more power through those "agreements"


Except that Bernie will be close to 80 years old in 2020. If Bernie loses to the Wall Street whore, from my perspective, Bernie needs to form a third party now.


He can commence working on that as soon as his obligations to the Democratic Party have expired in November. Meanwhile we can commence mobilizing "the troops" right after the convention in July, if Bernie does not get the nomination.
In 2020 he will be 78, the same age as he will be at the commencement of his second term, if he gets in. I have been deeply impressed by the stamina he has displayed during this campaign especially recently taking off for a long flight to Rome, right after his debate with Hillary, holding a rousing speech there, greeting the people and returning almost immediately thereafter. That man appears inexhaustible!
He has run by far the most strenuous campaign of any of the candidates!


Yes, Bernie is more like 45 than 75. Lets hope he lives to 100!


I forgot to mention in my previous post, that he also managed to squeeze in a meeting with the Pope, to tell the truth, I was not aware of that meeting, on this morning, at the time.


Real News out of Baltimore covered Democracy Spring and posted for Day 5 a 2+ hr compilation of interviews and broad presentation of activities for the day. Speakers including Lawrence Lessig, Chris Hedges (scathing on Clinton legacy at min 29:00) and others


Thanks for posting that! :slight_smile:


That would be cool!!