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'Sit This One Out': FBI Slammed for Social Media Shoutout to Martin Luther King Jr.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/20/sit-one-out-fbi-slammed-social-media-shoutout-martin-luther-king-jr

This is grotesque.


Empty honors based on obscured history

Some day years from now I suppose they will tell us what a fine fellow Leonard Peltier was…


Under the leadership of J Edgar Hoover, the FBI didn’t just target King, they targeted plenty of other American radicals, especially blacks. In the 1950s, they destroyed the lives of thousands of decent Americans. From the Wikipedia article on McCarthyism:

Historian Ellen Schrecker calls the FBI “the single most important component of the anti-communist crusade” and writes: “Had observers known in the 1950s what they have learned since the 1970s, when the Freedom of Information Act opened the Bureau’s files, ‘McCarthyism’ would probably be called ‘Hooverism’.”

(A quote from her excellent book, Many Are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America.)

That the FBI headquarters remains the J Edgar Hoover Building, says everything you need to know about this unreconstructed organization.


All FBI agents were taken off surveillance duty 20 minutes before King was assassinated - according to at least one source.


“We RISK letting abuses repeat themselves” ?

“RISK” ?

There is NO “RISK”, as risk implies that repeating abuses may or may not occur.

There IS a long history of abuses repeating themselves in the US and abroad that continues unabated.


Federal Bureau of Intimidation.


YES, it is!

Emily Patterson: " we really, really need to do a better job of teaching our kids history in this country. " We should work on our Congress, too.
How about we try stopping our government from burying history, editing history, bulldozing actual historic sites and outright lying about some undeniable facts of our 10,000+ year history, Emily? Saving the children, and young, is noble and probably our best bet going forward. But, forward over the cliff with the lemmings, isn’t much of a future to pass along.
The Empire not only makes history, it subsumes " the others " history and achievements. It almost has to if the basis of The Empire is white, paternalistic, co-opted Abrahamic religious misinformation and extremely violent retaliation when its’ supremacy is challenged.
J. St.Clair at Counter Punch reminded us all that, the historical and empirical record of the FBI ( other Alphabets ) is overflowing with examples of illegal expediancy crushing the rights of Americans who are expressing their guarantee " of a redress of grievances. " ( His both siderism is painfully spot on. Yes, they’re all in on it. )
Plymouth Rock may not have landed on all of us; no doubt about it, but when it is loosed it will surely keep rolling and tumbling. And, all the safe places have been purchased and fenced off. Bought and owned by the same guys who brought us that " shining city on the hill ", phony ass bullshit.

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Let me make another call for the end to the FBI, as well as all 16 or 17 so-called “intelligence” agencies, as far, far more evil than good, as they primarily act in the interest of the oligarchy the rich, and corporate interests. We need a super leaker to dump everything about them out to the World to render all of them useless. One big “burn notice”. Make them run like the cockroaches under the light that they are.


The FBI and the United States will be able to earn a little credibility the day they take J. Edgar Hoover’s name off of the headquarters building of the top law enforcement agency in the United States. He was an evil person and yet they continue to honor him and his methods.


Nothing seems to change. We have our heroes assassinated and our demigoggs exalted.
When the assassins start getting assassinated we are making progress.