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Site Smeared as 'Russian Propaganda' Demands Washington Post Retraction


Site Smeared as 'Russian Propaganda' Demands Washington Post Retraction

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The progressive finance and economics website Naked Capitalism has demanded a retraction and apology from the Washington Post for its "astonishingly lazy report" smearing independent news outlets as "Russian propaganda."


In many ways, the Post is the mouthpiece of the Democratic establishment. The rotten and corrupt group of people that have driven their party and working people into the ground in recent decades. They want Booker in 2020, and most Democrats will fall for his horrible, Wall Street and school privatization friendly policies, as they always do, and they have a decent chance of succeeding at installing another Booker like hack to run the DNC. Them learning a lesson from this election and reflecting on what happened means that have to do a u turn on policies and interests that have made them all incredibly rich. If there is any hope for that mess of a party, those people have to be removed entirely. Their networks, their ideas, their connections to corrupt politicians, their industry and Wall Street friendly think tanks. It isn’t any less of a project than creating a viable third party, it really isn’t. 40% of the country now refuses to identify with either party and independents take positions on the issues that are solidly on the left. Independents have grown more than anything because the left has already exited the Democratic Party. There just isn’t a viable alternative yet nationally. I don’t think most Democrats realize what is coming for them if they don’t clean house. Nakedcapitalism has been pointing this stuff out for years now and that’s why they are being targeted.


They also included my favorite CounterPunch in the article. I have been unsubscribing from every email list that has anything to do with the Democratic Party and putting #DemExit as my reason. They didn't learn squat in the last election. Anymore when there is only a Republican and Democrat on the ballot, I will write in NONE OF THE ABOVE.


I won't be holding my breath waiting for that retraction.


Naked Capitalism a Russian propaganda site? A fake news site according to WAPO?

All I can say they must be doing something right!


The specter of McCarthy raised -- not by conservatives, but by the liberal establishment. Why, I think they may hate leftists more than Republicans. Imagine that.


For the WaPost to run such a shameful piece is indefensible. To try to defend it is proof positive that it has sold out completely. We can all stop pretending otherwise now.


Neoliberal Democrats will try to hold on to power even as the party implodes. I think that the only way to save the party is for it to make a clear split into branches, Democrats and Progressive Democrats led by the PDA. A list of Progressive candidates should be available to all before the next election. And taking no Wall Street bribes should be the norm for all Progressive Democrats.

Direct Democracy


I agree with you on the neoliberals, but you’re talking about forming another party. That’s what you’d have to do, otherwise you have what already exists; a left and a right wing within the same party. The party’s infrastructure is not built to help social movements grow. There’s no room for groups seeking bottom up structural changes. Think Chuck Schumer, Corey Booker and Nancy Pelosi are in touch with radicals and progressive that seek to put in place long overdue structural changes? Of course not, that’d totally uproot everything they’ve done and uproot the very interests that have been funding them. We need to take on Schumer’s donors and support things like public banking, cooperative banking, financial transaction taxes, etc.. Think his Wall Street donors are going to go for stuff like that? How can we possibly see that become a reality if we use a party that he’s not only in, but a party that gives him immense power?


WaPo has become a mouthpiece for uber capitalist Jeff Bezos. He has ruined a great independent newspaper.


So progressives are going to go to court to shut down something they don't like? Is that a progressive view of the role of the courts? Sounds more like Trump.

I think Chen's NewYorker article is a good corrective. A balanced review that doesn't engage in paranoia but takes apart both WaPo and propornot very soberly. It should be read by more people


The same might be said of NPR (National Propaganda Radio) - supposedly (and formerly) the voice of the people.

In addition to blatant government and war propaganda, they consistently broadcast a dismal, depressing, violent, tear-jerking, often pointless and downright stupifying fare, not only in their News, 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered' shows but also in many of their featured shows. This broadcaster is a prime example of the dumbing-down process in action.
Meanness predominates.

Their intention seems to be to frighten, depress, bore, aggravate, stupefy and reduce the attention span (with their ultra-frequent advertisements and two or three line sound bites) of their audience.

Commercial radio has, without any effort, become a breath of fresh air.


It is not feasible to split the Democrats in two different parties, but it may not be necessary as long as its factions are clearly identified by name (Progressive Democrats) and funding sources so we all know who to vote for. Bernie showed us Progressive Democrats have the votes to win next time.


In the United States, the only way to stop malfeasance anymore is to hit them in the pocketbook. Otherwise they just don't care, and become more and more arrogant and "in-your-face." A good law suit would at least make them slow down.


No, they are not trying to shut WaPo down. They are demanding an apology and retraction for a lie told (or at least spread) by WaPo. Something anyone would want if they were lied about in public. I also think Naked Capitalism's use of PropOrNot.org as a case study of bad propaganda is brilliant!


Something they don't like?! If I publicly accused you of something without any evidence, with something that could harm you, harm your career, and if you fought back against my accusations, would it be fair to say you are trying to shut me down and being authoritarian? Is that a proper framing?

It's obvious though why YOU would side with the Washington Post on this. Thanks for the Chen suggestion. Given everything you've said here, I'll pass.


He knows this. He's a Hillary bot and has spent his entire time since the election blaming the left for her loss. I think Correct the Record has some left over money they're still spreading around.


Look at this poster's comment history. He's likely connected to the Clinton squad somehow and really wants the Post's propaganda to stick.


Thank you for this lucid response.


The Washington Post is a fake news purveyor.