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#SitInSaveLives: Groups Plan Mass Civil Disobedience to Stop Trumpcare


#SitInSaveLives: Groups Plan Mass Civil Disobedience to Stop Trumpcare

Jake Johnson, staff writer


The corporations, they are the biggest force behind this monstrosity! Corporate, machine-like control of We the People’s, lives, doesn’t affect the “owners” of these frankensteinian constructs. Indigenous genocide and climate change are so transparently evil that WE the People feel the pain, every day - waaaaay beyond politics! The banksters, if this radioactive gift passes into law, civilization will have been irrevocably changed. We the People are the future, no matter what the corporate, alien culture of greed and savagery attempts. The insanity of governing our American Family as a business enterprise, dependent upon taking and not giving back - will not ever, ever prevail. Go Bernie. Go Jill. Go Nina. Go Amy. Go Juan. Go Russell. Go Jeremy. Go Glenn. Go Glen. Do Amaju. Go Bill. We love you. Even you Donald. But, Mr. president, you are wrong. Wake-up. PLEASE. WAKE-UP! You are killing us!


glad people are doing this, I suppose. But man, where was this energy when we had a real chance at single payer in 2008?

start doing this with Ds as much as Rs and we might actually get someplace.


Obamacare, as inadequate as it was and is, was still an improvement. Now Republicans want to destroy that and take away what little protections do exist. Millions will be left without coverage and as a result single payer is now up close and personal - if the Republicans are successful untold thousands will die from inability to access care. Like the Vietnam protest where to graduate from college and being drafted meant two years of life threatening hell the war protesters became highly motivated. We are now seeing the same thing here.


We all must contribute to putting down the Trump Insurrection, I mean, Administration.

#Stop TrumpDon’tCare!


I hope you’re right Country, about people getting involved in bringing about real change that corrupt government will not.

We need strong leadership that rejects the Duopoly staples of money and power.

There must be major defections from the two parties that have driven this country in the ditch so far that the wheels just spin and spin and never gain any traction.


That’s ok. You can sit it out.


What exactly was that chance for single payer in 2008? When Dubya was president?




Shouldn’t it be called Trumpkill?

Or better yet, TrumpGrannyKill?


Good question. When was there ever a chance for single payer? There was a chance for universal healthcare coverage in 1993 when Hillary Clinton decided to take on the drug companies and other parts of the medical establishment but we all know the outcome of that.


I’m convinced, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, militarism and economic exploitation are incapable of being conquered


How do feel about city council elections?


Single payer is the clear answer. Covers everyone including those with preexisting conditions. Mental Health care, Rx drugs, maternity dare besides physical health coverage. Every doctor, and other medical professionals , clinics, nursing homes etc included too.


No, that was when Obama was elected and the Democrats had both houses of Congress. He had campaigned on "a public option to keep them (the insurance companies) honest. Not exactly single-payer, but probably would have led the way. But he made backroom deals with the insurance companies and the public option never even made it to the table. Hence, the Dems lost both houses and more governorships. People have noticed that they talk the talk, but never walk the walk. Take California…


Not exactly single-payer is right. The central idea of Obamacare was to closely copy the healthcare system of Massachusetts that they call Romneycare. The public option was meant to set up a competitive system to the insurance companies to reduce costs. The concept was not universal healthcare coverage. The bad experience that Hillary Clinton had with going for that in 1993 probably discouraged the Democrats from seeking that goal even when the had majorities in both houses.


In 2008 bush was president. The ACA wasn’t an issue. In 2010 Sanders proposed a single payer amendment and withdrew it when it was clear there weren’t the votes. As I recall Sanders was an independent at that time.


“Ordinary” people are much too ignorant and insouciant to ever demand viable public healthcare.


You’re right, Biff. You totally nailed me on using the election year ID instead of specifying the time frame of the ACA “debate”.

Single payer was legislatively possible in 2009-2011 (Jan bookends, of course, wouldn’t want you to freak out over dates!). It wasn’t pursued and there was little to no pressure leveraged by “good Democrats” on their own party to get it done.

We don’t have single payer or any national healthcare plan because of your party and the people who support it without reservation. That means you, Biff.


Amen. And all of it fueled by self-destructive-predatory-redistribution to the wealthy from the poor and middle class- -Malthusian–Capitalism . An economic system of certain failure, from the inside out, grounded in slavery (still practiced today–the New Jim Crow).

Greed has removed our own self-sovereignty of body, done away with 1st and 4th amendments (in the least), removed any degree of what was once “privacy”, strengthened the slavery clause of the 13th amendment, kept us in perpetual war, occupying almost every country on the planet (one way or another–all through might, and might makes right) and brought us to the brink of annihilation of all on the Earth.


It appears to me they have embraced the market place value and placed it before all others.