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Sitting In Starbucks While Black


Sitting In Starbucks While Black

In this once-reasonably-fair democracy in the year of our ostensible Lord 2018, two black guys sitting peaceably in a Philadelphia Starbucks waiting for a friend to show up for a meeting were charged with "trespassing," asked to leave, and arrested by a swarm of cops for declining to do so though other patrons agreed "they didn't do anything." One stunning aspect of the now viral-video: The preternatural calm with which both now-handcuffed guys get up, because welcome to America.


Well I don’t drink coffee (and wouldn’t get it at Starbucks if I did), but those of you that do, you know what you have to do. Since this probably won’t be seen on MSM, tell all of you’re coffee drinking friends not to buy there either. This shit has got to stop.
Starbucks progressive, my ass.


This is the America we live in now. Before rump, this manager would have simply seethed in anger that these uppity black men weren’t buying anything, and that would have been that. Now people like him are emboldened to be the racist slime that they actually are. The manager should be fired and the cops should be reprimanded. This time there was no blood spilled, so we can be thankful for that.


Philadelphia - home of America’s “Liberty Bell”…


Uppity while black. I’ve heard it all now. People are saying that this happens because of Trump, but don’t forget about all the blacks who were killed during Obama’s tenure. How many times did he speak out about that? Maybe once or twice, but he said nothing about how the BLM protests were handled by his militarized police.

Nor did he say anything about how the DAPL protesters were brutalized by both the police and the private mercenaries who were in charge of security.

Trump doesn’t own all of this. Every member of congress also owns it.


So maybe we need to re-visit the lunch-counter sit-ins of the 1950’s/1960’s. The “Coloreds Waiting Room” sign picture that I clicked on from the front page isn’t here on the article but it should be (I really hate the constant rotation of images which leave you searching when you want to return to an article). Elsewhere I’ve already referred back to those sit-in’s when there were “Whites Only” and “No Coloreds” signs or understandings which could get you arrested and beat up if you ignored them. It was the first thing I thought of when I heard about this confounded nonsense, but then that was the era when I was growing up. And here we are half a century later.
There is another point which is the idea of “the job” or “the job assigned” in terms of the actions of the police. Once again (think of how often this is the pattern) the police show up with a task as defined by the dispatcher and the complainer as if these are their instructions as ordered. That is the bad-enough starting point, then they extend that starting point with their own inventions in the moment.
They seem never to show up to find out what is happening for themselves or to mediate or calm down anyone. They would rather have total “control” even though they have no idea yet what needs to be controlled, if anything. That in turn means confrontation with all the evil their position makes possible.


“many on social media urged a Starbucks boycott - we already do -”

Morebucks, Starf*cks–I would not of my own volition pee in their restroom, although I think I may have done so once, at the March for Science last year in DC, after a six-hour bus ride and four hours standing in the rain, and walking a couple of miles looking for a restroom.


Racism is alive and well and in some places thriving in the “Good Ole USA”…a big BARF to Starbucks!


Did Starbucks once, didn’t like the anal retentive and price, never will again. They only serve the white anglo crowd that is too anal retentive to lower themselves to us common street people. I have a brother and daughter
that think they are: “My goodness just wonderful”. and the coffee tastes like sewer water.


Went once and the coffee gave me diarrhea for a week. Hope they go by way of five and dime or Newberry, I do miss my A and P or the Red Front as dad use to say.


Let the little white anglos have the damned place. Maybe they can light it with TIKI torches.



This is all about white cops friggin egos . They weren’t going to be bested by these uppity black men! No reasonableness whatsoever with this arrest!!! I will hereby NEVER frequent a Starbucks again! And who is laughing in the making of this video?! I hear a female snickering. Does anyone really think this is funny, today in the year 2018?!!!


F*ck Starbucks! I can (and will) get decent coffee in plenty of other places!

And…Philadelphia…don’t your Police have enough real crime to deal with?


Well, there’s always Dunkin. AFAIK they haven’t been caught doing anything like this, yet, and they are a lot less pretentious in their menu and pricing, much more working class.


I do a lot of intercity driving, and I find that the Pilot convenience store/truck stop combos have excellent coffee 24/7, for about half the price of Starbucks. An added benefit is that you are around a better type of people, IMO.


Maybe they were not drinking SB coffee because they have some self respect. Sounds more like the South. But racism knows no bounds.


A large black at Micky D’s for 1.08 here in Caribou Maine, 04736. End of the earth true, but damned good Paul; Newman coffee.


America has made bathrooms proprietary or what ever happened to public restrooms. There is a broader range of people that cannot access restrooms but mostly it is contingent on being a customer. Starbucks has a numerical code panel that you have to ask for to have access, as do many other convenience stores to prevent homeless people from using their facilities. Public areas are no longer public. Sometimes there is no place to sit down either with any public bench having use requirements.


Yeah, Pilot/Flying J is owned by Jimmy Haslem, brother of the right-wing TN Governor, and involved in a fleet fuel price kickback scandal, so I don’t know if you want to promote them either.