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Sitting In Starbucks While Black


I watched the video. My impression was that the cops, at least the head cop, didn’t want to arrest them. They talked, there seemed to be no threats, the head cop went off camera to talk to someone, then a cop showed up and apparently ordered them to make the arrest. They did so, quietly and politely and the victims quietly put their hands back for the cuffs and were taken outside with no rushing or pushing.
*Granted, none of this should have happened, but Starbucks sucks and most people know it. My impression was that the cops were embarrassed by this almost as much as the two victims.
*I may be wrong on all of this, but I have seen similar situations, where the cops were loud and insulting, ending up with grabbing the victims, sometimes clubbing them, slapping on the cuffs and dragging them outside.
*My impression of this one was that the cops were embarrassed, but had to “follow orders.” I think the victims of this charade also acted with discretion, possibly realizing that the cops were not in favor of this, but were given no choice. Just one old man’s opinion, of course.


Didn’t know that. Guess it’s hard to find an honest businessperson anymore. Anyway, the Pilot locations that I go to in Florida and Georgia do have real good coffee any time, day or night. Their employees seem to be treated well enough that there is little turnover, which is usually a good sign. It seems to me that they don’t worry about someone who comes in just to visit the restroom. Actually, I don’t think they even notice. So…still better than Starbucks, imo.

BTW, Burger Kings (at least in my area) have a discount for Seniors’ coffee. You can get a regular size for 50 cents, plus sales tax.

I wish we had something like a “Green Book” to help us decide, especially when traveling,
just who is worthy of our patronage, and who is not.


Yes, we live in an increasingly cold and unfriendly country. I blame two things for most of this:

  1. The normalization of perpetual war and the glorification of violence and militarism which results.
  2. The worship of so-called “free markets” and the evil influence of the Ayn Rand cult.


Racial hatred is still alive and well in this s______e of a country!


I think you’re right. Also, there should be a sign in every Starbucks that says: If you sit, you order. Otherwise, there is no excuse for arresting someone waiting for another person in order to have a meet up.


That would require criticial thinking skills, which has been pretty much eliminated from most schools. The Oligarchy wants mindless, lemming followers for its citizens, not critically thinking, questioning ones. Look at almost all Republicans/Trump supporters - the perfect little unquestioning sheep. Spoon-fed what they are to believe by Fox/Trump, and they do as instructed, like good little followers.

I’m SO glad I’ll be dead before much longer - I shudder to think what kind of society the U.S. will be in 20 years or so.


her, actually.


True enough. Like our climate being influenced by things that are themselves out of balance. It is often difficult to see just how far our influence goes. They use to put blinders of horses as an example. It is no wonder that so many species are leaving.

I like my own coffee best, sometimes I take it with me. There is one Starbucks I will go to but they would never pull this type of incident and if they did I wouldn’t go back.


Philadelphia PA might just as well be Philadelphia MS. We should never forget the police firebombing of the MOVE house—which also destroyed the rest of the neighborhood on Osage Av.—and the resulting deaths of 11 people including children


This is the same Philadelphia where racist/ascist Frank Rizzo was Chief Cop and then Mayor and then Black Mayor Wilson Goode ordered the bombing of the MOVE cult’s townhouse, burning down an entire neighborhood and killing/injuring many, including children.

The Starbucks thing is only getting a buzz because Yuppies and the 1% have pretty much taken over Philly. It did have a strong Occupy movement and there are strong Black liberation groups and a real fight of what’s left of public education. So despite all the shit, the struggle continues. No Grande Lattes are needed.


Sorry, didn’t see your posting when I did mine. In a hurry to shovel snow before more comes tonite.

Tom Johnson
Saint Paul, MN USA


Starbucks corporate headquarters is at:

2401 Utah Ave S Seattle, WA 98134. Contact Starbucks.

Utah Avenue runs right out front. Starbucks just put in a fancy restaurant and drove the food trucks out but marchers could walk by. It is pedestrian only.

Somebody got some splainin to do.


I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one who remembers. Stay warm and dry.


Go to the bottom of the website – all about “diversity and inclusion” …

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of 2017, the company operates 27,339 locations worldwide. en.wikipedia.org
CEO: Kevin Johnson
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Customer Service: 800-782-7282
Founder(s): Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin
Employees: 238,000

CONTACT US: https://customerservice.starbucks.com/app/contact/ask/


It’ll be up to melting temperatures this weekend - supposedly. It’s the staying dry thing I have a problem with. I’m glad I can remember anything anymore :sunglasses:


I spent a long weekend in the Twin Cities when the Citizens Party held its national convention there in 1984. Fortunately it was in summer, so I had a chance to see a good part of the Minneapolis Zoo, among the best of its type.


Ach, jawohl! Look up Hitler Jugend.


Was there any discussion with the complainant and why were they printed and held for eight hours. These poor dudes now have an arrest record. WHY. They should get a million bucks tax-free for every hour they were held in custody by the city, from the city. I’m wondering if they had been white in three-piece and ties? We have to stop being the butt of global jokes and stop creating rage. This law and order crap preached by the “John in chief” is a colossal joke. Trump has broken every moral code known to man, yet is being codled by our "so-called evangelical fakes.


And we all pay for this with justifiable rage. These poor dudes now have a police record on file with their mug shots and prints. It will affect them the rest of their lives from applications for passports and jobs and their families and kids. If I were them I would hire the loudest most effective lawyer like the guy representing Stormy Daniels and sue the hell out of Starbucks and the city. They have too, to make it fair for the rest of us.


I don’t know what happened after they left under arrest. I was just watching the body language and the apparent tone of the conversation held between the cops and the victims. As my wife said, the only person in the place that seemed upset was the manager. It looked like he ranted for a short while, then disappeared. Shortly thereafter another cop showed up and it looked like he gave the order.
*You are right, those two gentlemen should be able to bring a doozy of a false arrest suit. My commentary was just about what was on the video, and I could not fault the deportment of the officers, or the two gentlemen who were arrested. It would be nice if everybody who watched that video were to contact their local Starbucks and tell them that they will never patronize the place, or ever schedule a meeting at one. The only thing that will get the attention of anyone in the Oligarchy is the loss of a dime.