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Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies for Investigation and Rescue That Led to Punishment of a Utah Turkey Farm


Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies for Investigation and Rescue That Led to Punishment of a Utah Turkey Farm

Glenn Greenwald

Six animal rights activists are facing felony charges, filed on Wednesday by a Utah prosecutor, stemming from an undercover investigation into abusive conditions on a large turkey farm. The criminal complaint includes two felony theft charges that carry possible prison terms of five years each.


Killing the messenger to send a message


What arrogance and greed in mankind not to recognize and respect that other animals are sentient creatures. I’m anti-capital punishment…except for these abusers of animals.

Don’t vegetarianism and veganism make sense on a planet where we’re cruelly exterminating more species daily?


I like a nice Thanksgiving dinner without any turkey. More satisfying without eating a dead animal. Feed the capitalist pigs to the gators and other meat eating animals. That stack of bones would dwarf the pyramids in Egypt.


Please don’t insult pigs. They are smart, beautiful, wonderful creature who don’t deserve to be conflated with Capitalists. [smile]


There will be no justice in our corporate dominated courts. I for one will be applauding when someone shoots the CEO of that company and the major shareholders.


Glenn Greenwald Rocks! Thanks for being who you are. In these times of disgrace and A.L.E.C., empire and the corporate-machine “Matrix”.


If you are going to eat meat, at least buy it from a local farm where the animals are treated humanely. Don’t buy in a supermarket, even if it is labeled as humanely raised. Visit the farm for yourself. Go to www.localharvest.org, type in your zip code, and you will find many farms within driving distance with descriptions of what they produce. A bonus is that the money stays in the community while you are helping to preserve farmland.


Stanley, there might be meat eaters here who can use your information, but I can’t. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a decade. If “it” can feel pain or fear and try to escape when threatened, I won’t participate in its consumption, entertainment, or “sport.” (Hunting, fishing, bullfights, etc. ad nauseam).

Animals have a lot more in common with us as sentient, thinking, and bonding creatures than most people realize, often in ignorance but just as likely in hubris. I truly wish there were retribution for those humans who have abused, exploited, and murdered animals (especially with cruelty).


Thank you for your comments. There are many farms that sell only fruits and vegetables and
hopefully you support them when you can. Agri-business is contaminating our waters and

depleting our soils and their use of pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics is killing us. My point

was to encourage people to buy their food locally from small organic farms, whether they eat

meat or not.


:honeybee::chicken::butterfly:. Yes, I got that.
One of my kids is a beekeeper and works in energy renewability and sustainability. I support all I can, and hopefully, some folks read our posts and take heed!

Thanks for caring!



Thank you to the brave souls who brought these abuses to light and thank you Glenn for telling us about them! As long as there are people out there who are willing to speak truth to power, there’s still hope that change is possible.


That assumes you have a car… and that your “local farm” has an array of products year round and that the prices are affordable… privildged people like you … well thinnk about it.


You have no idea if I’m privileged or not. Also, I’m just putting the information out there for
those who can and want to access local food. That’s all.


If these were humans found in this condition no one would be pressing any charges on the 6 that discovered the situation. Well, these birds are suffering just as much as if they were humans!

It’s not whether or not they can rationalize but whether or not they suffer and they DO suffer! Any innocent sentient being that suffers deserves to be freed of that suffering!

The judge needs to throw this case out!!


It is not humane to imprison another sentient being so you can kill and eat it. All use of animals for food is
immoral and cruel.