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Six Baltimore Cops to Face Criminal Charges in Freddie Gray Case


Six Baltimore Cops to Face Criminal Charges in Freddie Gray Case

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Six Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray will face criminal charges, including manslaughter and murder, in the death of the 25-year-old black man, the city's chief prosecutor said on Friday.


They may face criminal charges but will the Baltimore court actually indict these rogue cops and send them to prison for the homicide of Freddie Gray? They already came up with the cock and bull story that Freddie Gray killed himself.


They’ve been charged, they don’t need to be indicted in most jurisdictions once they’ve been charged. The prosecutor usually has a choice as to whether they directly charge someone, or go to a grand jury to seek an indictment. Most average people just get charged. When prosecutors take cases against officers to a grand jury, they are usually looking for a way to NOT indict them, blaming it on the grand jury.

Even though the State’s Attorney is African-American, she’s still part of the system, and I am pleasantly surprised she acted this quickly against the officers involved.


And Jeb Bush chides the Baltimore Orioles for playing in an empty stadium. He mocks them! He criticizes them! What a wonderful man! Precisely the fellow we need as president, somebody with the unique ability of cutting directly to the periphery of every problem!


Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America (Revised Edition) by Kristian Williams


Of course. This is the new fall back strategy. They will never get a conviction for manslaughter or homicide even if they were to actually try. They had no choice, they had to charge them. In doing so they are saying he sustained his injuries in the van making intent nearly impossible to prove. It’s called sabotage.


YES!!! NOW let them add up the PERJURY charges for ALL other officers up to and including these murderers-in-blue!!!


The fix is already in. 2nd degree means unintentional death, like a charge of vehicular manslaughter. In the unlikely event any of the officers are convicted, they could walk without seeing a day in jail.


Sooooo True. Too bad, bad cops lives matter more than good black lives like Freddie Gray!


We know that is not going to happen, but I certainly agree that it should happen.


This is the crux of the issue: you want to stop police terrorism? Start convicting the murderers of murder and locking them up for a very long time. That (not body cameras) is the only way to make an impression on these smug bastards in the Fraternal Order of Police Impunity.

The same remedy - trial and substantial punishment - could also prove effective in curbing corporate crime. What a concept!


I believe the police broke Freddie’s spine in their initial take down (putting people on the ground) before the citizen cellphone video even started. I have seen so many people thrown to the ground without cause.
Check out the grandfather from India visiting his new grandson in February 2015. The police dashcam shows it all. An unnecessary take down resulting in breaking the man’s spine. His legs are paralyzed. Watch the take down on Youtube. As a new user I am unable to post a link. There are a lot of links to it. India was pissed.
Police brutality: Indian man paralyzed after brutal police assault
Freddie Gray’s legs are dragging in the video because the spinal cord had already been severed. The lady was screaming that his leg was broke, it wasn’t, his spine was.


Talking facts with energy. Using “we”, “us”, “my TEAM”. Love you, Ms. Mosby!


In particular, Justice Department investigations into civil rights violations are a travesty. Not one has resulted in anything beyond delay and an excuse to avoid commenting while the (endless) investigation proceeds. As the fraudulent Nobel Peace Prize recipient said in defense of blatant war crimes: “You’ve got extraordinarily talented people who are working very hard to keep Americans safe. I don’t want them to suddenly feel like they’ve got to spend all their time looking over their shoulders.”

Nobody has ever said it so clearly: if you work for the government, don’t pay any attention to so-called laws.


A HUGE step in the right direction towards justice but I will remain skeptical until all six officers are sentenced in accordance with the gravity of their crimes (no “community service” or other slap-on-the-hand “punishment”). Having watched the video several times of the police ATTACKING Freddie Gray, there is no doubt that these officers severely injured his back/neck BEFORE they threw him like a sack of potatoes into the van…his legs were like wet noodles. And all because the men in blue (with neon yellow vests) supposedly found an illegal knife inside his pants…they pursued him beforehand because he was running…is that a crime in Baltimore? Were I Black and living in Baltimore, rest assured that I would also run at the sight of any policeman/woman based on their impunity, hubris, and unbridled harassment perpetrated behind the shield of their badges and with the blessings of their superiors.

I pray justice will be served when all is said and done in the Freddie Gray murder. May his family also be well compensated for their loss. My heart goes out to them!


I know. Unpopular, and inherently ‘unfair’:

SUMMARY EXECUTION , for ALL 6. Immediately. No Trial. No further ‘evidence’; etc etc.
And … ‘ALL OF IT’… STOPS, Nationwide! Immediately.

So, there!


Second degree does not mean “unintentional.” It means not planned in advance. You can still get a long sentence for it.


I like it! Thanks.


From an article on the Peak Prosperity website: “The death rate for sworn officers is 11.1 per 100,000 (2013 data) for job-related injuries. Fishing is ten times more dangerous. And even the 11.1 rate includes some deaths which were not the result of violent actions committed during an arrest, but things that tend to happen among a force more than a million strong…”

Imagine that, fishing is ten times more dangerous than policing. And remember those statistics include traffic accidents, heart attacks, and other non-violent causes. As you say, Jonny, policing doesn’t even make it into the top ten most dangerous occupations.


I think you are probably right. Pretty Clever. Make absurb charges like “no seat belt killed him” and you know a jury is not going to buy that.

But a true investigation into the beating the poor man took before he was thrown in the Van is just never going to happen in this corrupt system.