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Six Environmental Heroes Awarded Goldman Prize for 'Taking a Stand, Risking Their Lives and Livelihoods, and Inspiring Us'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/six-environmental-heroes-awarded-goldman-prize-taking-stand-risking-their-lives-and


Words, really, are not enough to convey the thanks for the magnificent results these brave people achieved.
Congratulations to all of you.
We must remember too, the other brave activists who died fighting for their cause.


Beautiful People that love the Planet and her Inhabitants. Feel the Peace. Pacha Mama welcomes us to work with her!


Until the 1950s, the Huaorani had almost no contact with the outer world. Then, the missionaries arrived, to save the souls of the demon worshippers… Maidenform brassieres were distributed to the jungle camps, so women could conceal their shameful boobs…The missionaries were walking disease bombs, and they knew that.

 In 1967, oil was discovered in Huaorani country, an estimated 216 million barrels, enough to fuel American gas-guzzlers for about thirteen days… Toxic crud was dumped anywhere, and pipelines often leaked. Rivers turned black, fish died, birds died, caimans died, bananas died, and natives got very sick. For natives, middle age was 25…

  • Joe Kane, Savages

Unlike our society, Huaorani men and women really have equal status. It is never OK to give orders, or to raise a hand against a child or woman. Family harmony is important… joyful in a way that is complete and without self-consciousness…The Huaorani strive to be in tune with the abundance of the forest, so they will always have enough to eat. Sharing is essential. “There is no higher manifestation of this ideal state than unqualified generosity, and no act more generous than to give away food.”

  • Joe Kane, Savages

Did I mention the wonderful book by Joe Kane?
It’s all about

" â€¦1991, a strange letter arrived at the Rainforest Action Network in San Francisco, where Joe Kane was working… from members of the Huaorani tribe of Ecuador, wild folks who have lived in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years…  fantastic biodiversity, including many species that live nowhere else on Earth… DuPont-Conoco was planning to destroy their ecosystem and culture… perfectly happy with their traditional way of life, and they had no interest in being destroyed…  Help! Kane quit his job and moved to South America. Several years later, he published Savages, which described his exciting, chaotic, and painful adventure."

Did I say wonderful book?
Let me add awesome!


“upon seeing her in person following her court victory, a lawyer for Monsanto remarked that he couldn’t believe that this little woman beat them.”

Now, how do we do that in the US?!