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Six Hopeful Breakthroughs from 2015


Six Hopeful Breakthroughs from 2015

Sarah van Gelder

2015 was a year that shook us out of complacency. Black Lives Matter forced the nation to confront the threat of police violence faced every day by African Americans. The refugee crisis coupled with the movement of ISIS into Europe and the United States brought distant wars close to home. The descent of the Republican presidential debate into new lows of demagoguery highlighted the emptiness of political discourse. And across the country, communities experienced the torrential downpours, record temperatures, floods, droughts, and firestorms predicted by climate change models.


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I'd add the necessity to gather together the long term commitment of visionaries who have dug in to push change like
The Garbage Warrior


Sorry Sara, but I don't think "policing practices" have been changed one iota, either by BLM or any other agency. Police still shoot to kill at the drop of a hat and lie about it, prosecutors still cover-up the truth and let killer cops off almost always, and training of cops is one of seeing the people as enemies all, adversaries, and items to be processed without regard for the law, their dignity or safety. the only thing that matters is the imunity of cops from accountability for violent criminal acts and more poor and people of color being shot dead!

Of the other "breakthroughs" mentioned, only Bernie has changed the dialogue and even now he and we are blacked-out by a corrupted media. The rest are more wishful thinking absent real change or intent of the oppressors to alter their abusive behaviors or for-profit schemes........I wish it were not so, but big-money, the media sideshow, and corruption hold many trump cards (no pun intended) and those who profit from the misery of others or the destruction of our environment, and control a corrupt Congress and WH remain firmly holding the cards.

COP21 - http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/dec/12/james-hansen-climate-change-paris-talks-fraud