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Six Major Legal Battles of 2017 Will Persist in 2018


Six Major Legal Battles of 2017 Will Persist in 2018

Bill Blum

Trump has had a hand in shaping all of the year’s biggest legal stories.

A September rally in San Francisco to protect net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission recently voted 3-2 to end the Obama-era policy. Legal observers expect a number of lawsuits to be filed in January challenging the change. (Credo Action / Wikimedia)


How can Blum call the Gorsuch appointment and stacking all levels of Federal Courts with YOUNG right wing extremist “judges” (many of whom will still be on the bench during the 2060s) a “legal battle” when that battle was lost when the GOP stopped confirming judges when they took control of the Senate in 2014, thereby creating a backlog that they are now filling without Democrats or progressives having any power to influence ?


Blum is a Dembot shill with no objective credibility. He even tries to pretend that the forced registering of RT as a “foreign agent” was a Trump policy decision, when it was the spook-riddled establishment duopoly brigades and their Russiagate canard–of which Blum has all along been an enthusiastic cheerleader–that was behind that particular act of belligerent tyranny.

The author should stick to writing his detective novels, since fiction seems to be his forte.


Normally, the President is the leader of his party. Since Donald Trump is not a leader, but is a person who simply reacts to stimuli, he has abdicated that position. There is a struggle in his administration for leadership. Steve Bannon seems to be the front runner, even though he has no official position in the West Wing; Paul Ryan is sniffing around; with Mitch McConnell lurking in the wings. Everyone else is too busy struggling to survive to apply for leadership. With the ruling party in disarray, Congress is having difficulty achieving much of anything. The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act is a mess. Instead of a comprehensive approach to tax reform and job creation, it is a cobbled-together jumble that includes most items on the wish list of the people who pull the strings of congressional Republicans, together with a few last-minute riders used to bribe the few holdout votes needed for passage. And it is the only major piece of legislation delivered in the last year. Too many important issues remain unaddressed because the so-called Party leader spent so much of his time tweeting about slights to his fragile ego that he failed to give Congress any sense of purpose or direction. One would think that the United States came into being a few decades - instead of about 250 years - ago and hasn’t yet ironed out all the wrinkles.