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Six Million Adults Who Won't Influence This Presidential Race


Six Million Adults Who Won't Influence This Presidential Race

Matt Taibbi

On July 7th in Staten Island a few months back, Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the death of Eric Garner, sat in court conferring with his family. He was about to agree to plea deal on drug and weapons charges that would send him to prison for a while.

While the nation is gripped by new police killings, hope quietly fades in the Eric Garner case


"The alien invasion can't come too soon."

Or the wrath of God, or something else cataclysmic to restore sanity to humanity.


I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.


Yeah, the Klingons sure wouldn't put up with this shit. Honor you know!:grin:


Sooner or later the great equalizer, climate disruption, will start to demand more attention to the "homeland" than to other countries and corporations. Maybe that will stop America from destroying the middle east.
As for the two sets of laws in this country, well we've had that for a very long time.


At least two decent and reasonable people were "put up" to run against Clinton. She and her minions stole the democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, a decent and reasonable man. Jill Stein is the Green candidate for president, a decent and reasonable woman. As for any republican not named Drumpf who might have been put up to run against Clinton, Drumpf is as reasonable and decent as any republican, which is to say, I cannot think of a single decent and reasonable republican.


"most disgusting of all presidential elections" is absolutely correct. I have never been so thoroughly sickened by the thought of either a Hillary or Trump presidency.


Or the zombie apocalypse!!!!!!:innocent:


Maybe that will be the silver lining to catastrophic climate change. Maybe in its last moments the human race will reflect upon how foolish they were and proverbially clean up on their way out.


Equal justice under law?

Don't bank on it


The reality is that this whole odious process is sewn up, and that there likely will surface some cosmetic twists in the few weeks ahead that'll appear actual, while serving only to dupe us dupes.

Reality indicates that voting one's conscience is voting to stymie the internal dissonance borne of a nose-pinching vote that assents to destruction and greed. (In all reality, nobody in any campaign gives a hoot as to whether or not a voter's vote was ambivalent, conflicted, misinformed, or coerced,)

Given how numerous and stark and daunting and brutish and impossible are the rifts in/of/throughout this world, to resort to a 'lesser of two evils' vote seems a piteous resignation. After many years of 'strategic' votes, I can no longer countenance voting for further conflict. This now extends to include my being truthful about my reality, ethically and politically.


A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war in Syria, maybe even with Russia.


There are no decent and reasonable Republicans.

For one thing they believe their own propaganda which is problematic.


I agree with what you've said.

I wasn't referring to voting itself, which generally is a stupendous thing.

I was (and am) saying that the fear-based manipulation of voters and votes (often in place of substantive/actual policy) comprises a grave injustice.


your comment proves aliens have arrived. We had a decent reasonable man called Bernie Sanders.

We've had a race problem since the beginning of this nation it supposedly got better after 64 but NOT and we had one prior to 08 and it continues.


But will it matter when Monsanto/Bayer/Chemicals company own our whole food supply. Him who owns the food rules the earth.


But Trump was a plant from the beginning. In mirroring the terrific idiocy, whether latent or blatant, of America's 'silent majority', he both hijacked populism and compromised the GOP brand, thereby priming the country for a Hillary Clinton presidency.