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Six Months Later, Pentagon Admits (Maybe) We Killed Some Kids in Syria


Six Months Later, Pentagon Admits (Maybe) We Killed Some Kids in Syria

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what one journalist described as the "first near-confirmation" of civilian deaths caused by U.S.-led airstrikes inside Syria, an official announcement by the Pentagon on Thursday that one of its bombs "likely led" to the death of two young children was met by derision and suspicion by experts who say the real deathtoll of innocent people killed in such strikes far exceeds the U.S. military's tepid admission.


American Exceptionalism seems to have devalued life.


Is it a rumor that the pentagon killed over a million people in Iraq? Many millions in the Philippines? A million in Vietnam? Gave airbase sanctuary for the kidnappers of President Zelaya to fly him out of Honduras? Created chaos in Libya? Helped destroy the democracy of Ukraine, Paraguay and the Maldives? And is on a land grab supporting killing spree in Africa?

Plus is the biggest polluter of Earth?


For a trillion dollars a year, we have to kill somebody.


A new euphemism straight from hell “non-combatant children”

But had they been kids sleeping, eating, playing in the homes of those deemed by the Pentagon to be “combatants”, well that would be a whole different matter to the psychopaths taking part in these massacres.


The hypocrisy of this whole thing is disgusting. This document proves that the US supported the creation of ISIS and supports Al Qaeda in order to bring down the Syrian Government, which dares to oppose the US. In 2012, the DIA identifies ISIS and Al Qaeda as “strategic assets”

  • It is pretty well known that any individual, group, or nation that opposes US hegemony is automatically classified as an “insurgent,” a “terrorist,” or a “rebel,” and is therefore condemned to death by drone or such other means as may present itself.
  • Any group that supports US/NATO intervention in any country that opposes US hegemony is a strategic asset to be aided in its aims, no matter how brutal the methods.
  • One would think that, with what is happening in the ME, that the US would begin to think they had made a mistake, but to them it is no mistake, it is an opportunity to widen the wars and further build up the US Wehrmacht and “intelligence” agencies.
  • In other words, profits, profits, profits for the MICC and the 0.001%!


This helps to illustrate the absolute farce that is this war on terror.

It takes a matter of MINUTES for the Pentagon the CIA and the President to decide to USE a drone because there might be a high value target present yet to takes 6 months for them to deliberate and arrive at the conclusion that MAYBE children were there,

How the hell do they reconcile the two? Logic suggests that if mere minutes pass before they launch that drone it should take no longer than that to determine there children at the scene.