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Six Pieces of a Real Democracy Movement We've Never Had Before


Six Pieces of a Real Democracy Movement We've Never Had Before

Frances Moore Lappé

As perhaps never before in our history, all the pieces are in place for a democracy movement to take off in America, one strong enough to tackle the system-roots of our country's crises.

What? You don't see it?

I understand, because it is really hard to discern the democratic impulse in a political culture increasingly dominated by bluster, bullying, and blame, all bank-rolled by a tiny minority.

But here's all I ask -- that you take in the six key pieces below, and then imagine what they could add up to, and your place in them.


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Although I may not agree with all of them, I learn as much from CD posters as I do from the authors. If I DID always agree, I probably would not learn as much.

Until Bernie entered the presidential race his office regularly emailed the BERNIE BUZZ to me. I never read any article all the way through because it was quickly apparent that I agreed with all of his articles.


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There is no such thing as a legitimate democracy movement that simply disappears the poor, as Americans do today. The poor have virtually no voice in the public forum, and absolutely no representation in government.

All election year hoopla aside, we're stuck with reality. Not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there aren't jobs for all. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. The fact that they remain shut out, stripped of a number of basic civil and human rights, and have virtually been disappeared from the public/political discussion, is proof of the absence of interest in democracy.


how can Lappe ignore the historical moment moment that is now before us: the Bernie Sanders campaign?"

That was also my first reaction, unless the article had been prepared, largely, long before the present campaign started, which is unlikely.

Yes, get Bernie into the White House and democratic movement would be half accomplished. The rest would be mopping up operations.


My sense was she implied it as subtext. Without Sanders driving the narrative it is doubtful this commentary would have been written. Sanders himself has said the success of his candidacy is dependent on the masses recognizing their plight and acting on it. That's where the author seems to have focused her attention.


I hate to state the obvious but I believe you are wrong about our voices being drowned out. They are loud and clear and always have been. You attribute the fact that no one is responding to our problem with us not being loud enough. Such is not the case. 2.6 billion dollars in election campaigns per year is not a problem with special interest money in the system, It's a problem with the system. You frame this whole conversation almost as if the politicians are victims or something. "poor politicians can't hear the voice of the people because they are too busy rolling around in money the corporations gave them, shame on those corporations" As if the issue is not about criminals in politics and criminals donating to politics. Remember, they LEGALLY told you that YOUR constitution said that "money is speech" and "corporations are people too" There is nothing you can LEGALLY do to change this as they will simply change the rules and laws and you will be forced to abide. Stop selling people the same pipe dreams about an American dream that will not come to fruition using the tools they gave us. The truth is we are heard but no one cares and why would they? They being the people in charge of caring. Many many people have done a lot worse for a lot less money than 2.6 billion. TO be honest, anyone aware enough of our issues to break them down like this article who still wants us to patronize the broken system is suspect to me. You acknowledge the problem and then willfully stick your head in the sand and avoid addressing the problem. I gotta believe you are a double agent looking to co-opt and frame the movement of an increasing number of dissatisfied citizens who are dissatisfied with the system.