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Six Questions for Monsanto


Six Questions for Monsanto

Katherine Paul

Monsanto may not be the largest company in the world. Or the worst. But the St. Louis, Mo. biotech giant has become the poster child for all that’s wrong with our industrial food and farming system.



Affirmative on all 6 questions.

Our Dem Senator here in MO., McCaskill is on the Monsanto payroll. Thinks GMO's are a sham.

As a bee keeper and organic gardener, I say that they and their ilk have no place on a sustainable planet.


McCaskill thinks they're a sham? Not quite getting your meaning, seems contradictory to the intent of your post. Will agree about McCaskill being a corporate whore/DLC sellout, but that pretty much describes the whole of the Democratic party in the Show Me State


It's great to see this tribunal creating a more accurate record on Monsanto's long criminal history.

As a Florida resident, I am very concerned that our disgusting reptilian Repug governor, Rick Scott, will show his enthusiasm (and no doubt, receive some financial benefits) for using the Zika Virus as pretext to poison the state of Florida.

There certainly is something going on when a derivative of Monsanto comes up with a genetically altered mosquito, sprays its version of chemicals into Rio's (Brazil) waterways and suddenly lots of babies end up with deformed brains.

Zika has been around for decades with NO history of these types of birth defects.

The Zika fear campaign is a ruse to get Monsanto's "mosquito control" products into Florida and Puerto Rico.

Just as Big Pharma covers up the TRUTH about vaccines and how much harm they are causing, these genetic engineers who essentially are RAPING nature have no means of fixing what they break. So long as a corporation like Monsanto throws around the kind of cash (campaign contributions cum bribes) that it does, and uses university grants to make sure that scientists endorse its products, the TRUTH will not be known until after the fact. In this case, a fact that is apt to lead to more babies born with lifelong defects.

I HATE this company.

I remember a 60 Minutes program (before it became co-opted) where Monsanto was asked to help pay for the Cancer treatment of those exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Their attitude was they did nothing wrong and therefore wouldn't pay a cent until that poor country and those suffering in it ponied up the kind of funds that could wage a case--beyond a reasonable doubt--against this diabolical company.


Sorry J, my meaning wasn't very clear. Here's some more info. re her take on GMO's.............

“If you believe in science, you believe in science. You can’t just pick and choose depending on the issue,” McCaskill said. She went on to mock anti-GMO activists as “a small group of people making a lot of noise.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/09/02/senate-democrat-slams-climate-change-activists-who-deny-science-on-gmos/#ixzz4AZp9aOiy

Actually, most of the Dem party are corporate whores no matter the state. Funny to hear McCaskill talk about scientists as if they can all be lumped together in terms of trust-ability.


I'd like to ask Monsanto one more question: How do you sleep at night?


with the recorded sound of a cash register going "ca ching "


Barack Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act H.R. 933 giving Monsanto the green light to forge ahead whatever way they want. This is the same liberal wet dream president that promised to lower the oceans. So how's that working out for you? Sorry, you aren't blaming Bush for this one.


Obama is not by any stretch of the imagination, a liberal president.

Promises are one thing and walking your talk yet another.


Obama is most precisely characterized as NEOliberal.