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Six Reasons Why Trump’s Wall is Even Dumber Than Most of Trump’s Other Ideas


Six Reasons Why Trump’s Wall is Even Dumber Than Most of Trump’s Other Ideas

Robert Reich

At his turbulent his news event last Wednesday (I won’t dignify it by calling it a news conference), Trump reiterated that he will build a wall along the Mexican border. “It’s not a fence. It’s a wall,” he said, and“Mexico will pay for the wall.”

Here are 6 reasons why Trump’s wall is an even dumber idea than most of his others.


" –1.6 million entries by legal immigrants and 3.9 million by temporary workers from Mexico over the last 10 years – because farmers can’t find enough native-born Americans to pick crops."

Pay Americans $35.00 per hour, with benefits and dignity, and there will be no shortage of 'American pickers'.

But that's not what I want to post on. For me - mainstream economics is a fool's game in any case.

Rather - consider this:

Perhaps liberals (democrats) and conservatives (republicans), are not opposites at all, but in fact both reside on the same side of the coin.

On the other side reside socialism, communism and fascism.

One side of the coin believes in maximum freedom for the individual;

the other side believes in state control of the population.

If this is true, we may all have been barking up the wrong tree.

That would be in the interests of the plutocrats, I would think - a version of Caesar's "divide and conquer".

Micah White (Occupy), and his book "The end of protest", and an article in the Epoch Times here in Calgary were the inspiration for this epiphany - something I would be willing to discuss at length.

PS: This looks pretty naive, even to me - but I think not.

I think there is now a vast difference between republicans and the Republican Party, and democrats and the Democratic Party.

Both Parties are controlled outright by the plutocrats, are they not, who have arranged things such that those on the same side of the coin, who voted 96% for that one side, are busy destroying themselves instead of zeroing in on the enemy.

Ergo, American citizens are overwhelming still for the words in the Declaration, which so entranced Abraham Lincoln, among billions of others now, I think.

The Declaration may have been only superficially about the separation from England - and in fact all about who we were before civilization, and who we want to be again.


This is not about economics it's about racism. Many white residents are upset by the number of brown skinned people in their towns. None of them ever make a distinction between documented and undocumented (only rhetorically). These people in the rust belt want to go back to a time when their areas where lily white.


I think the wall is mainly symbolic for Trump and his hoard of liberal-hating followers. It is symbolic for keeping out all immigrants who are not of European ancestry. The main goal of the white supremacists/white nationalists who form Trump's strongest political base is to keep nonwhites from immigrating to the US. His more extreme supporters want their own all white country. For the most part Trump only represents rural America. Inside the metropolitan areas of the US, where the majority of Americans live, Trump's views are repugnant to most. But for people living in the metropolitan areas it is hard to understand what is going on in the rural areas since they generally have no direct contact with anyone living there, or if they do, they don't discuss politics.


Sorry but the bottom line for most is always economics. Does racism play a role? Sure but minor compared to economics.


I doubt it. Trump was pandering to a wide base who support controls on immigration for various reasons. I even doubt that supremacists/white nationalists were his strongest political base. His political base is the economically disenfranchised which crosses a lot of secondary supporters. Who puts white nationalism above their economic situation? Virtually no one but the combination of economic disadvantage and white nationalism is an explosive mixture.


What are you going to pay Americans $35/hr for doing and how are you going to pay a high school dropout $35/hr for a job that the global economy won't support? Despite all of our disappointment with a global economy, it is what it is. Planning to sell any $35/hr watch bands that can be manufactured in Indonesia for $4? Everyone outside the US will buy the Indonesian watch bands, no one in the US can afford a $35/hr watch band and the company goes out of business. Of course they don't go out of business because as soon as they got wind of being forced to pay $35/hr for their labor they were long gone. Tariffs? Great, just don't plan on being able to afford anything imported or domestically manufactured.


Here's one reason Robert Reich is "Just Plain Wrong" like he was about NAFTA not costing us any jobs when he was Clinton's Labor Secretary:

The North Pole just melted in the dead of winter and no ice is forming even though it is dark all day up there.

In about 18 months, according to some climate scientists we may be 6 degrees global average above 1750 baseline, which is going to make a mass migration North happen like in Europe with Syria, since no food will grow in the searing heat of Mexico.

Syrian refugees didn't leave because of the war like MSM wants you to believe. Syrian refugees clogged the cities of Syria and Europe long before the first bomb by Obomber and Hillary Clinton SOS started falling. That's due to the fact all the crops burned off from the searing heat and the fact that it didn't rain out there for decades and the wells all dried up.


So, a wall is an incredibly smart thing for Trump to build. Unless you want millions of unhappy people standing on top of you. There is a limit to everything, including the numbers of people you can allow into a country.

We don't have very long until the chit hits the fan...




Likewise in the states of the Old Confederacy.


Very accurate analysis, Lrx, imo.


Trump has always had a close connection to the mafia -controlled cement industry in NY. Maybe this is why a 25 billion dollar wall appeals to him.


We must acknowledge that a vast number of wealthy white folks supported him, and these are not rural folks!


Of course a wall keeps more people out. That seems like common sense.

I think ethanol subsidies are a root cause of the Syrian Civil War and much of the turmoil across North Africa and Southwest Asia which has led to migration influx issues (it was a pretty big issue in our election) for Europe and even the U.S. Using farmland for fuel drove up worldwide prices for basic food items such as rice. The Tunisian incident that started the Arab Spring was largely about food prices. The mess in Libya and Syria, I think, is linked to the Arab Spring. Ethanol and ethanol subsidies are also helping to clear rain Forests! Furthermore, according to common dreams from about a year ago, ethanol production and transportation puts out about 1.6 times more pollutants than conventional oil production adding even more to migration crises. Trump loves ethanol subsidies. I can't stand them. In America, it's pork barrel spending for Midwest farmers and creates so many problems.


Sbrownn, Trump's voters have a higher than average income.
Also, there are 50,000 illegal Irish in the U.S. Why isn't anyone talking about them?


Excellent points. I hadn't considered that. Biofuel is showing up out here in Asia. I spend much of my income now just feeding my tribe out here. It's become a real problem. Maybe we can just drink the Biofuel?

The future is bleak for most humans on this planet. But the huge federal government always knows best, doesn't it? It's going to give another tax break to struggling Walton Billionaires so they can buy more of the third world and strip it bare for poisonous palm oil plantations and Ethanol Biofuel crops.

We would be better off just not having a government at all, than one that makes such destructive decisions all the time.


I think most people are more concerned about this: Will I survive and have a roof over my head and a job?


We basically pay taxes for social programs and these days for ongoing war.


Of course- but the media wants us to believe that all of his supporters live in trailer parks and are coal miners.


Great point- I heard about that!