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Six Rules for Organizing a Grassroots Regeneration Revolution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/02/six-rules-organizing-grassroots-regeneration-revolution


It ain’t always easy. “Unless we can lift our heads, connect the dots and fight for unifying systemic changes, any changes that we do make won’t be sufficiently effective.”

That is one of the reasons I started growing my own fruit and vegetables (only a five month growing season) over 10 years freezing some. That’s why I bought a Prius in 2002. That is why I almost always think about “my foot print on the earth”. That is why this year after receiving a Christmas gift of nylon/netted bags, I do not bring home plastic bags. I open anything plastic and dump the product into my new earth friendly bags and leave the plastic for them to charge me and deal with all that plastic. Hoping people notice and ask or me just telling people.


Congratulations, Jujudahl. Those sound like wonderful steps and excellent progress.

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Well, here are some dots to connect.

We have a popular and populist left-ish Bernie Sanders running for candidacy in the Democratic Party. The party has all but announced its intentions to steal the nomination from him at the Democratic convention.

In conjunction with its misdeeds and malfeasance up to the present, this is almost certain to be a brazen, broad daylight, even in-your-face sort of theft because it has already largely been detected as it has gone along. So far, the Party has shown every sign of being willing to embrace this mistake and appoint a candidate by fiat. There is even talk of appointing candidates who have not been running.

There are apt to be various consequences, but one among them will be yet another acceleration in the general loss of faith in things-as-they-are, as people witness the end of most pretense towards an electoral system or a representative government.

Western governments and particularly the US government are absurdly hypertrophied in their preparations against violence other than their own. Likewise, they have considerably refined the possibilities of measured violence and propaganda against peaceful assembly and mass nonviolent protest.

The development of a range of weapons against peaceful assembly can be taken to mean that officials intend to use these to prevent it and to attempt to manipulate the propaganda by the so-called “main stream” or in-house broadcast and print corporate media to hide and deny the violence. Here is some of the array:

  • False flag events by agents provocateurs
  • Targeted assassinations
  • Release of multiple false stories tailored to various sorts of prejudice
  • Water cannon
  • Capsaicin pepper-sprays
  • Sound cannon
  • Rubber bullets
  • Dust or salt-loaded shotguns (as has just entered the news in connection with dead and blinded protesters in Chile).

Through the 20th century, mass nonviolent resistance after the lessons of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King were more effective, overall and in general though not invariably, than violent revolution.

Grassroots regeneration has the advantage of being effective on many levels while being less apt to be confrontational. It is also likely to be useful in combination with lots of varieties of distributed disobedience, noncoooperation with larger authorities and greater cooperation among smaller groups, and so forth.


Hey, your book arrived Saturday from Chelsea Green, the publisher, and it is so refreshing to have something to read which actually alleviates the stress and anxiety. I have been leading a church discussion group on Antal’s book, Climate Church,Climate World and I think I will suggest your’s for the next one.

As a Vermonter who has been aware of Bernie since before his first political races (I had filmstrip/cassette packages on VT history, including labor history, he produced in my school library) I am amazed to see our country turning to someone who is the real deal.
Years ago he hosted a dinner locally to get people talking about issues, and as impressed as I already was, his going out to the kitchen (it was at my church) to thank the women who had done the cooking clinched the deal.

We can’t be complacent on any level … and it is so energizing to switch to a non-fossil fuel supporting local bank and credit card, to lobby our state senators and reps at the state house, and to support the international organizations like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. Community Asylum Seekers Project and Edible Brattleboro … it is all part of the Regeneration Revolution.

Super efficient house, solar panels, Prius plug in, garden, orchard, house sharing, organizing, teaching, this is the way to spend one’s retirement. A dream since 1971, now a reality, reached incrementally. Thank you!


A good article with the necessary steps well outlined

Let us also learn from the past and one important lesson was explained in the Jo Freedman pamphlet, ‘The Tyranny of Structurelessness’, which was based on the experiences of the women’s liberation movement and later confirmed by the events of Occupy.


Thanks, lots of contradictions over the years but try harder to be planted on mother earth.

Unlike many comments on CD (and other forums) that unfortunately recount yet again all of the problems facing us and why we will never solve them. Fortunately, YOUR comment is about the article itself and also in its spirit. Just as nay-saying and nihilism is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so is honest and informed optimism on the order of “Let’s see what we can do to make it better,” instead of See how bad it is."