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Six Things Protesters Need to Know about Bill C-51


Six Things Protesters Need to Know about Bill C-51

Alyssa Stryker, Carmen Cheung

At over 60 pages, Bill C-51 -- the Anti-Terrorism Act -- is a heavy read. The bill proposes a myriad of radical changes to Canadian law and to Canada's national security apparatus, many of which seriously jeopardize the rights and freedoms of Canadians while promising little improvement to public safety.


Remember the way Bush joked with the Saudi King that he had it easy. His will was more or less THE law of the land? Well note all the rollbacks to Democracy that came seamlessly as a result of the War On/Of Terror?

What’s happening in Canada is scheduled for implementation here, inside The Homeland and is being set up as the new default Protocol for “Democracies” everywhere.

The current stable of sellouts in numerous nations will push TPP and trade agreements that turn national laws into quaint appendages. Like military courts tasked with deciding which killer for hire to hold to account (or not), international business consortiums that place PROFIT as their highest near-religious objective are not going to hold as sacrosanct, what people need and want in order to survive.

On their extra-judicial auction block will be labor rights, environmental laws, and individuals who dare to boldly and effectively speak up against the assaults of our times.

It all began with a preplanned false trigger. THAT is why exposure of this element–along with those who had both motive and opportunity–is so critical. How else to role the lawless juggernaut back into the hole from Hades that it crawled out of?


This from our Fearful Leader who LITERALLY laid hiding in a closet while a “gunman” ran through the Parliament Building. leaving his caucus (including women) in the main room, only separated from the shooting by an unlocked door.

Harper, for all his law-and-order, tough-on-terror-tough-on-terror-tough-on-terror rhetoric is to cover what a base coward he is.

A “statesman” so cowardly he impudently refused ot shake hands with Putin.

But he will send his spies and secret police to attack and disrupt the lives of Canadians.

Harper is a treasonous coward. The MINIMUM Canadians can do is vote him and his Conservative cabal out of existence in Oct 2015.



There is no longer any daylight between the seam along the 48th parallel.


For the life of me, I don’t understand how people keep installing conservatives in high places. I thought the Internet would cure stupidity, but it seems to be keeping it alive.


I used to very much enjoy being a Canadiophile, living just south of the border (49th Parallel, Justaman! You made me full Canadian!) and getting Canadian radio and TV all my life, plus having the nearest big city be Vancouver.

I used to enjoy this for a number of reasons, one being the more socialistic mindset and celebration of diversity. (Of course the British and French influences meant a lot to me too. I mean I can listen to French language radio and have bought very English type biscuits, tea pots and cups.)

It is sad seeing the more civilized north be turned more and more into a clone of Amerika. At least the culture remains distinct.


That’s because it’s covered by overhead drones. :grimacing:


It’s going to lead to 1984 “Thought Crimes”, and room 101 waterboarding for everybody.

How did we let them stray so far from the Bill of Rights?

This TPP is the scariest thing of all. A secret law, that we can’t read, that the miscreants in government and Wall Street are hatching which they claim trumps the Constitution (the highest law in the land according to Supreme Court Justice John Marshall.) I keep quoting Marshal, because he was the one that established that only the Supreme Court could rule on what the Constitution means in the Landmark “Mullbury vs. Madison”. (to the Chagrin of Jefferson and Madison who won the case but lost the power to interpret the Constitution for themselves. It was a rude slap, since Madison wrote the Constitution.)

A monster power grab by his distant cousin, Marshall, who ruled on high for life without the check and balance of a citizen jury on all his decisions.

I think that’s where we lost most of our Democracy. In 1787 with Madison’s secret coup, the Constitutional Convention, which illegally flushed the Articles of Confederation and installed a King for four to eight years. It was better with 2,000 reps in a single house (no imperial Senate or Dictator plotting against the people, like we have now.)


the TPP is perhaps the ultimate power grab by the 1% those monsterous power hungry madmen that want to rule the entire world, and damn near already do. They’ve pretty bought the US govt and through Harper are trying to buy off the Canadians. too. They own Israel and the Saudi’s already. (maybe they are the Saudi’s?). One would think after 9-1-1 , eh?
it’s utterly incomprehensible that they are THIS close and yet they are. I do believe that the people have the power to undo this shitty mess.


because the conservatives have no qualms about rigging the system in their favor and the opposition has no balls to call them out on it