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Six Trump Campaign Staffers Setting Up for Tulsa Rally Test Positive for Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/20/six-trump-campaign-staffers-setting-tulsa-rally-test-positive-covid-19

“extraordinarily dangerous” public health risks the 19,000 people face at the indoor arena."
If it were anyone but Trump it would be shut down no questions asked. City should be liable and should lose based on negligence.
Me, I’m hoping the whole thing blows up in Trump’s face and all the people too stupid to stay away get infected.


People that supported trump 3-4 years ago were “deplorable.”
People that support him today are a byproduct of Limpbaugh and Fox. Nobody is that stupid all on their own.


Let the show (infections) go on. Is this a case of masses of people all at once trying for the Darwin award?
I feel sorry for the Secret Service detail, that has to attend to El Duce.


From the Los Angeles Times:


Trump brings reelection rally to Tulsa amid pandemic concerns and nationwide protests

Trump’s first post-lockdown rally has generated outsized attention amid protests, coronavirus fears and the president’s own, unique showmanship

From Axios:


Six Trump campaign staffers test positive for coronavirus ahead of Tulsa rally

Trump: “I recommend people do what they want” and said masks are optional.

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The Conservative disease is a congenital mental illness.


Like many of my relatives, when it comes to Trump, it seems to me like nobody is politically that stupid! But the sad fact is there are millions of Trump acolytes that are politically that stupid, but to me it is beyond stupidity more like what Hitler did in the 1930’s in Nazi, Germany, when he hypnotized so many of the German population.


Hi Gandolf:
Sigh-----but how many people do you know who will admit to mistakes? I think that’s part of America’s problem. : (

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My latest forecast: Oklahoma has had a 50% pandemic acceleration in the past five days. I suppose that the Trump campaign’s six cases are included in Oklahoma’s 1337 confirmed new cases in the past five days versus 889 in the previous five days. Oklahoma is now up to 17th in the nation in per capita recent infection rate. On May 1 they were 40th out of the 50 states plus DC. They’ve just been going deeper and deeper into the teeth of the pandemic.

This rally? It sure won’t help the state if people are chanting things at full throat, aerosolizing the virus and then ordinary masks don’t stop anything. The coronavirus causes lifetime disabilities in as many people as it kills, sort of a souvenir from the rally.

Also, what will this virus do to about half of the 100 person Trump advance team? Will the Donald agree to not breathe during the entire rally?

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As of 6 PM local in Okla., the outside overflow crowd in Tulda is cancelled.
There may be a few empty seats inside when prez rants.
we will see.

Out of 335,000,000 americans - 10,000 or less go on in.
Get TV interviews, a chance to shout, cheer, clap and listen to trivia.

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Any way you play it, there’s only gonna be maybe a dozen brain cells at best in that arena tonight.

And that’s probably the cleanup crew once the Orange Anus leaves.


Even if some were to get a hint of the errors of their ways, they would attempt to rationalize it away, or say, “anything but a democrat.”

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If you want to avoid getting infected with this virus, 2 things:

  1. Have type O blood: ~https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200618/Blood-types-and-COVID-19-risk-confirmed.aspx
  2. Smoke cigarettes: ~https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200615/An-inverse-relationship-between-smoking-and-COVID-19.aspx
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Reference two:
the older age smokers are already dead - from smoking!!

so that group ain’t around now to battle C-19 and lose.

Age 50 and under, smoker or not, has a chance of keeping life.

Long term effects are not yet known.

Kindly remember that polio left behind life long health problems.

I am afraid to say they are that stupid, otherwise they wouldn’t even listen to those fascist gasbags who only mirror their stupidity and hatred right back to them so they feel righteousness and pride in that same stupidity.

Apologies to the hype of 1 million tickets interest.
the minus 45 degree temperature.
the 50 mph wind from the north.
The ice is slippery for vehicles and pedestrians.

Free food and beverages were not on hand as previously promised.
It is all dense Pence fault. Mapquest sent everyone with a ticket to Omaha.

He has had the news cycle nearly every day in office. The lies alone are a daily event that gets him coverage. Either we are all too thick to ignore him as we should, or we can’t help ourselves and he knows it.

The reports of the rally say that thousands of people were squished together towards the center of the arena, almost all without masks, and they loudly booed and cheered.

We know of enough superspreader events with similar characteristics. South Korea’s biggest outbreak was within a large evangelical denominaton. It spread like wildfire. Over half of a 60 person choir came down in Washington State even with some social distancing because singing at full voice spreads the coronavirus long distances. A month ago 30 Southern pastors were dead. Oregon recently had 200 members of one rural church come down with the virus.

Given the outrageously high per capita percentage of new cases in Tulsa and the fact that Trump’s entire organization might be loaded to the gills with the virus, I’d be rather surprised if the hospitals don’t fill up in maybe five days. Start that clock ticking. Oh, and you protesters on the street not wearing masks: quarantine yourself for 2 weeks, please. You owe your community and family that courtesy. Get tested. Somebody else please drop off their food.

Well TTB, you dashed the little bit of hope I had for righty.

I’d say anyone who voted for president douchebag 3 years ago was stupid, and anyone who still supports him is deplorable.