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Six Ways the Right Is Shredding the Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/six-ways-right-shredding-vote


Pretty good, but the article really needs to hit the active Democratic Party undercutting of its own nominations. It sure hurts faith.

May you keep the faith, Mr. Hightower. But not about absolutely everything.

As noted already, it’s amazing the Dems allow these things to occur. As it’s amazing coal companies can now dump toxins in rivers & oil companies can drill in National Parks. I never knew the president (small P) had so much power in overturning laws and creating new ones out of thin air? I thought his authority was mostly dealings outside the country. If the Democratic controlled Congress allows all these things to continually occur, then are they not totally complicit?

Mr Hightower says it all in the last sentence, next to last paragraph. For years a Journalist may pick any subject, then tag the ending with Jim’s words; “Republican officials are aggressively hostile to democracy generally and to voting rights specifically, while much of the Democratic establishment passively refuses to prioritize and vigorously fight.” The Democrat’s leader’s attempt to impeach was a birthday gift to Trump. 16 chargeable offenses and they let him walk. Democratic Lawyers must have received their Degrees from Trumps mail-in college.

From the outside here it looks as if Trump is the Dems pick for President also? They only pretend to complain, then vigorously refuse to fight. When they loose again this year, they will blame it on the people, as usual. While their hands have been out picking pockets from Marks for 8 years now. For those who don’t know, a Mark, is what the con man calls the victims.

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Classic Hightower in good form. Clear, concise and on the money. We ignore this at our own peril, as evidenced by only two responders.


A very big BRAVO to Jim Hightower as he takes the bull by the balls and tells it like it is - ever stalwart!

"Today, in a coordinated, methodical, richly funded scheme, corporate- minded and right-wing candidates are being “elected” not by winning votes, but by preventing votes. - more than voter suppression–it’s straight-out election sabotage - with corporate campaign cash, you’ll see, hear, and speak no evil of the corrupt practices occurring right in front of us. " - and that was once seen as criminal and denounced as treasonous, but both entrenched party-boss players commit crimes of suppression against the republic!.

"As usual, that means it’s up to us–all of us who really believe in grassroots democratic governance - our right to majority rule is diminished by every person who, one by one, is excluded. Please join the growing, nationwide movement of activists striving to protect everyone’s right to vote. "
Our ability to access truth, all the truth and nothing-but is equally a threat to honest elections and our understanding of who and what enemies we face! Thanks Jim!

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The dems have their asses covered because they sent reform legislation to the senate. Dead on arrival of course because the senate is Red.
That doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t be chastising the senate republicans for dodging the issue.
I guess you have to own the senate in order for it to function, especially with putting in place partisan judges.
It could play out where dems win the presidency, take the house and senate, and still can’t function because all legislation will be challenged in court by republicans. Those right-wing judges will have an opportunity to shit on anything promoted by democrats.