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Six Ways TPP Opponents Have Won—Even as Fast Track Advances


Six Ways TPP Opponents Have Won—Even as Fast Track Advances

Sarah Anderson

I tried to stay emotionally distanced from this one. It didn’t work. When the White House and Republican leaders got the votes they needed in the Senate to advance “fast track” Trade Promotion Authority on Tuesday, June 23, it was crushing.


Hopefully, the TPP’s “bipartisan” sell-out of American workers will erase any remaining
doubts that the United States has become a full-fledged oligarchy.


This article is lipstick on a piggy.


Sarah Anderson is a sad Pollyanna, I see.

We lost, Sarah. We, the People, lost. And it will be an irrecoverable loss, driving an offshoring stake through the heart of what remains of the middle-class in America.


Thank you for your good work over the years but the truth is that once again most of the population was lied to and duped.
Yes, all social change- from having women being able to leave their homes without a man following their every move to African Americans being able to ride in the front seats of the bus (and I am not blind to the great progress that still needs to be made to make sure women are safe and African Americans are not murdered) has come after a long struggle, once with many setbacks and failures. Yes, we always fall and then rise up, keep fighting.
What is different is both the silence of so many liberals who voted for George W. Obama (and will vote for Hilary Clinton) and also the fact that we don’t have much time left. Not only when it comes to the health and safety of workers and communities but because of how this agreement/scam will hasten the destruction of the planet, of our home.


These treaties are so bad on so many different fronts, that they expose whose behind all of the economic, environmental, and social upheavals affecting so much of life on this planet and show how these issues are interconnected. The groups that have joined forces to work against the TPP, TTIP, TISA form rhe base of the transformation needed.


Yeah, yeah, we’ve known that for years and do nothing about it - we march and petition, make lots of noise, then vote for the same sets of schmucks over and over …


LOL! Exactly the same thought that came to my mind when i read the title …


Yes and she will be encouraged to keep marching and petitioning these same schmucks instead of using that time, money and energy on getting non-corp folks in office - the story of prog existence for decades now - doing the same thing over and over and expecting …


To tell you the truth - i think a lot of us are being “duped” into thinking that elections are useless and that all we have to do is march more and shout louder and make our “fearless leaders” quake in their boots - instead of working like hell to boot them out and replace them with no-corp folk …


Oh sure, Labor will make them “pay at the polls” just like it did in '00 - they marched against the WTO in Seattle in '99 - then voted for free trader Gore in '00 - when it was Nader who was on their side - we keep threatening them with the vote and chicken out, under the banner of LOTE - every time …

If Labor is serious, they will work their buns off for Stein - otherwise, just another paper tiger, all hat, no cattle, etc.etc.

Oops, didn’t mean this as reply to myself, but them again i often feel as if i am talking to myself …


Once again, the corporate shill insists that Americans are asleep as if THAT is the problem.

The poll numbers show major opposition, BY THE PUBLIC, fool. THAT is not the issue.

However, it is the Talking Point that YOU are tasked with repeating ad nauseum.

You are a paid (and not very bright or original, at that) shill!


Speaking of schmucks…

The voting process is itself locked into a system that forecloses against any alternative to itself. Is that sentence over your head? Not linear enough?

I’ve delineated the proof of that assertion many times, but you and Andrew-Boston and the other “blame voters” forum shills stay on message. Like any other lies told often, a profound disrespect for provable facts and Truth is shown in most of what you post.


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In the end, Brazil and other South American countries refused to give in to the U.S. corporate-driven agenda.

But Brazil was one of the countries that sued us in the secret “court” to stop our meat-labeling law, which Congress is now trying to repeal, so we don’t have to pay the fines. TPP will enable a million of these “lawsuits” until our sovereignty is a facade and our health, ability to work, and environment are all left in the gutter.

Glad it brought some groups together, but it may not matter much once this passes, since anything we believe in can be dismantled because we supposedly cost some corpse some profit. The whole thing reeks and I am not giving any high fives. i did call. A LOT. signed petitions, a lot. Made no difference to traitor Wyden. He could care less what people like me think.

good for y’all, though. may your efforts build and succeed.


I like the one about people in other countries being able to stop their leaders from passing these trade agreements… in other words, we the 99% in the US need to be rescued by our counterparts in the rest of the world. Not exactly consistent with the image of America as defender of freedom and democracy around the world!


Although i wonder if calling it a “trade agreement” will make it easier than a “treaty” to challenge in court? Commerce has traditionally been quite important to the Supreme Court, whereas the word “treaty” would allow them to immediately claim “no interference with the Executive and foreign powers!” and rule it off bounds.

Of course a “trade pact” with foreign countries could well result in the same (no interference with the Executive or Legislative branches when dealing with foreign powers), but since it affects every American so greatly and hands our sovereignty over for corporate gold, I venture that a lawsuit may have a chance, perhaps after some grievous dismantling of laws that we made.

Of course, Congress may just do what they’re doing with the meat-labeling law, and join in (gives them even more cover) with the corporations and just not make or repeal laws that the corpses don’t like. Seems like they don’t need us to get elected anymore, they’ve got money for ads and voting machines and rules to keep the good guys and gals off the air. Happy days, eh?

On the other hand, everyone is really a child of the divine, so how to reconcile, how to allow that sacred being to emerge in those who buried that being far below in their murderous quest for power. Got me.