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Six Ways Trumpcare Makes Healthcare Worse (and One Way to Make It Better)

Six Ways Trumpcare Makes Healthcare Worse (and One Way to Make It Better)

Dave Johnson

It’s starting to look like President Trump’s promised $1-trillion plan to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure will be as bad for us as his health care plan turned out to be.

Infrastructure Report Card

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has issued their 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. We didn’t do so well. Our “grade” is a miserable D+. Why? Go outside and look around at our out-of-date and crumbling roads, bridges, dams, airports, water systems, and electrical grid.

Economist Dr. Richard Wolff has made the point that FDR put the Country to work as a Federal Program, and that any program that includes the Private Sector is ultimately nothing but a Money Grab, by the Participants.


Good article! We haven’t been a nation “of, by and for the people” in a while. Noteworthy comments from that despicable little Norquist show just what Republicans mean by “infrastructure”, since all the things he mentioned are for the extractive industries, which are already fouling our air, water, land and climate. With the exception of gold, everything he mentioned is for the production and distribution of
fossil fuels. Doesn’t that damn industry have enough money to finance their own infrastructure?

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The government can put the country back to work in an instant; I have no doubt that the poor and inner city citizens would crave a real job with a little education about the opportunities that makes this country work. http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/forget_clinton_and_trumps_plans_for_the_economy_its_time_20160805

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Obviously not since we also subsidize them with cash and tax breaks. Exxon alone gets 5 billion every year for making them do what they would do anyways, develop land.

Thanks for great link.