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Six Year Anniversary of WikiLeaks Collateral Murder; A Celebration of Free Speech


Six Year Anniversary of WikiLeaks Collateral Murder; A Celebration of Free Speech

Nozomi Hayase

On April 5, 2010, WikiLeaks published classified military footage of a July 2007 attack by a US Army helicopter gunship in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad. The video titled Collateral Murder depicted the killing of more than a dozen men, including two Reuters staffers. At the time of release, the WikiLeaks website temporarily crashed with a massive influx of visitors, while versions popped up on YouTube, reaching millions.


"America's strong. America's proud." Fuck you W.!


This cannot be stated often enough. Thank you, Ms. Hayase:

"Militaries that operate under the nation-state premise are said to act on behalf of the interests of their people. In the case of the US military, the President acts as commander in chief for the entire army. So, ultimately he granted the aerial weapons team permission to engage the van in the square with open fire – to murder in the name of ‘God and country’. A government based on the idea of consent of the governed requires informed citizens and for this, unfiltered information is critical for people to make informed decisions. Those who govern, with over-classification of information and dismantling of basic free press have been keeping citizenry in the dark and preventing them from participating in these vital decisions."

This is one of the reasons why when unchecked killing goes on and posters refer to it as what WE did, I dispute the frame.


The first action Donald Rumsfeld made when Abu Ghraib revealed to the world was to ban cameras.Outrage over police killing of suspects tends only to happen when video of the same released. There this perception that none of these outrages happen unless they caught on film.

What needs to be understood is that the true nature of war any war, is that this butchery of innocents will happen even if the cameras not there to catch the murderers in the act.

Chelsea Manning did all a public service when she released this stuff to Wikileaks but it will take years more yet to break down the conditioning of the Public to accept wars as somehow just and noble.