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Skewed Courts Team Up with Debt Predators to Screw Nation's Poor


Skewed Courts Team Up with Debt Predators to Screw Nation's Poor

Jon Queally, staff writer

Courts across the United States are systematically failing poor and low-income individuals as predatory financial companies buy up large portfolios of past debt and then win profits by targeting vulnerable people who may or may not be responsible for the alleged delinquencies.


My daughter lost one of these little lawsuits because she only found out about it AFTER the fact and the judge had rubber stamped a judgment against her....for an old emergency room bill that should have been paid by Medicaid years prior. When I tried to contact the judge about this gross miscarriage of justice, he dodged me and slid around like a slimy eel, refusing to return phone calls and making himself unavailable. As did the company. What a lot of evil little creeps.


Nothing new here! Years ago, a crooked judge gave my ex about $40,000 she wasn't entitled to. My attorney said it could probably be reversed on appeal and took me to an appellant attorney, who glanced at it and said no problem, she could get it reversed on appeal.
* I asked her what it would cost and she said about $135,000! Of course, that ended that.
* The appellant attorney charged me $386 for the ten minute office visit!
* Going into the court system is like being thrown into a shark tank. You don't know which shark is going to take off a leg or bite you in half, but you know that one of them will.
* And nobody is going to throw you a line.


Apparently Rights are something bought and paid for according to Market Principles. No money, no rights.


Rubber stamps and robber stomps


Let's see most lawmakers are attorney's and thus the system is rigged for attorney's to make the most money possible. This also gives a great advantage to the rich.


The other thing they do is, they serve the person they are bringing action against where they lived maybe 20 years ago, so the victim citizen does not even know they are being targeted until a judgement has been found against them. Now they have to sue the company and get a new hearing and are broke and do not have the funds to do this. The judgement against them is because they did not show up in court for the hearing they knew nothing about. It is a swindle enforced by the courts.


Sort of. We actually did strip out a list of basic civil and human rights of the poor, and the middle class have been fine with this. As more middle classers slide into poverty, they are often shocked when the policies they agreed were right for the poor, now hit them. We've always had a separate system of "justice" for those who couldn't afford legitimate/comprehensive legal help.


No, government of the people by the corporations for the corporations. In other words, fascism. I call it the "Kovert Korporate Koup" for that reason and have done since 2001 and Bush.


My reason for dating it to '01 is that that is the moment it became overt - the dumping of thousands from the electoral rolls (especially Fl), followed by the selection that defied the election. The election machines with dodgy software, the "hanging chads" etc. Blatant corruption.


According to the WaPo, the 113 Congress, had 45 Senators were lawyers and 123 in the House, for far less than half. So not a majority, not most. According to another source: in the 114th "159 members of the House (36 percent of the House) and 54 Senators (54 percent of the Senate) hold law degrees." - http://preview.tinyurl.com/qa4lwok

So what about all those non-lawyers. Does that mean the legislators who aren't lawyers are such an improvement? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't come to that conclusion.


I think I may be correct if I said that my statement is true from the beginning of congress. But thanks for correcting me for the latest congresses. I would explain this from the book "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" where it said something to this effect; Hitler did not care about who you were or your background as long as you spoke the propaganda of the Reich. I think is speaks for the fascist state we now live in. This is especially true if you look at some of the statements of the right wing leaders which includes Hillary.


Elizabeth Warren needs to get on this. The big banks may not be directly involved, but the big predatory lenders seem to have taken their place in victimizing the poor for a few bucks.