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Skewing Democracy White


Skewing Democracy White

Robert C. Koehler

Every real problem this country — and this planet — face is replaced by a fantasy problem, which all the powers of government then pretend to address. Meet Donald Trump, master of the street con, trickster extraordinaire.

How many cabinet positions and high-level government posts have been filled by someone whose life work and raison d’etre make him or her the least qualified person imaginable for the job? Names burst from the news: Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Jeff Sessions . . .


My husband and I are poll workers. Our little township still uses paper ballots. The idea of voter fraud is laughable, except that the Republicans are using it as a reason to rig elections. Forget hacking by the Russians or anyone else. The Republicans truly are a far greater impediment to regaining what we have left of democracy in this country.


As you have said in your most liked comment here at Common Dreams, even though the Republicans have lied and cheated their way forward, the Democrats are complicit and they too are not to be trusted.

If we are ever to truly be, the United States of America, we must unite around the fact that the Duopoly must be totally rejected and those in it, who would rather support the 1% more than the entire population, must resign and leave governance forever.

Also, thank you and your husband for being an example of honest public service.


In the NY, and Cal, Dem Primaries, they skewed Democracy DNC.


Call Kobach at: (785) 296-4564

I got through with the message that I too have the exact first and last name of someone in another state. In fact, until recently, the names of our towns were exactly the same but in different states. We are very close in age, no middle name and similar interests at least in art.

I told the cretin that millions of us are not fooled by "Crosscheck" that it is nothing more than maintaining lily whites' hold on power.

Finally, I reminded him this is indigenous land and that I make the point also for personal reasons as the women on my mothers side come from the Sioux.


Can't forget the Hillary Victory Fund and commitment of Democratic party leaders to her even before she was the nominee.

There are so many things wrong with our voting system, I agree with

Everytime I hear MSM, pundits, D's and R's alike saying "Russian meddling" as if it has been definitely proven, I think to myself, will we ever have an honest election? I know the answer to that of course. What's really wrong with American elections; both parties are responsible.


Things are much worse than you or I could imagine. We have been almost lulled to sleep by the 1%. A group, even the richest citizen at the time George Washington, was a member. They will take advantage of us and treat us like pets as long as we don't get in the way of their hoarding wealth and power.


As Noam Chomsky said, the Republican Party of today is the most dangerous organization in the world.


hi, did you happen to catch the july 4th
democtacy now! broadcast
? amy asked her guest, nick tilsen, to respond to the accusation that water protectors acted like insurgents--jihadists even. he replied,

Insurgents. How is it possible? How is it possible that any indigenous people are insurgents on their own land? Our land has been overrun by corporations, by the militarization of our lands and our communities and our people. It’s impossible for us, as indigenous people on our only land, to be insurgents. If there’s insurgents, it’s the company. If there’s insurgents, it’s the private military company. It’s impossible for us to be insurgents on our own land. We did at Standing Rock what our ancestors did. We did at Standing Rock, which was stand in prayer, we did things founded in our culture, our spirituality. This is women, children, families, people that came there to sacrifice. We were not insurgents. We were people fighting for what was right, simply fighting for what we believed in and protecting water on behalf of 17 million Americans.
And to call us insurgents is a disgrace to the future generations. It’s also a reality that this is the political times that we’re in. When you rise up and you take political action and you do it in a peaceful way founded in your—founded in your beliefs, you’re faced with guns, you’re faced with water cannons, you’re faced with bullets, you’re faced with all kinds of violence. That violence was put on us. The water protectors never enacted violence on any of the—on any of the police. That was not—that was not something that happened. We trained our communities and our people in nonviolent direct action, and we did it collectively. And so, to call us insurgents is completely wrong. It’s an alternative fact.


and as glen ford explained about democrats who speak with forked tongue about human rights while kowtowing to corporate lobbyist, they are "the more effective evil!''


I must respectfully disagree with that. I suppose we'll be finding out the hard way.


no problem! i'm all in favor of free speech. here's another quote describing the duopoly that supports my point of view.

“two wings of the same bird of prey” (Upton Sinclair, 1904)

and another--

"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations." - Thomas Jefferson

and one more--

‘'There is no functioning democracy in America. It is really just an oligarchy where political bribery determines who is nominated and selected for all presidents, governors, senators and congress members." Jimmy Carter


Ah, you knew somehow to quote 3 men whom I greatly admire. I do believe all 3 quotes above are true today. I know also that FDR made life better for most people, with Social Security, Glass-Steagall, Rural Electrification, WPA, CCC, and other acts. I know that JFK and LBJ advanced the cause of Civil Rights and Voting Rights. I know that Jimmy Carter brought Egypt and Israel together in a Peace Treaty that still holds. I believe he would have been better for us than Reagan, given the chance. This is the best of the Democratic Party legacy, and I'm not on board with the Republicans' and, yes, the Libertarians' goal of reversing all that remains of the New Deal and Great Society programs.

I am painfully aware that the Democratic Party of the past 25 years has not lived up to its legacy.
People like Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, John Lewis, and many others give me still hope that the Party can return to its roots.

With all their faults, they are not yet as callous and cruel as this current crop of Republicans, who would never have done the things noted above.