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Skip Your Visit to Argentina, Nobel Laureate to Obama


Skip Your Visit to Argentina, Nobel Laureate to Obama

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The 1980 Nobel Peace Prize laureate has urged President Barack Obama to reschedule his planned visit to Argentina, saying the date marks the anniversary of a U.S. backed coup that ushered in an era of "persecution, torture, death, and disappearances."

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, born in Buenos Aires in 1931, won the prize for years of human rights activism in the face of state repression.


Adolfo Pérez Esquivel has it right. Though, it would not have been unreasonable to ask Obama to stay at home period. The record of American presidents is much much worse than worst line-ups at all maximum security penitentiaries put together.


And there are still governments death squads roaming about today - much further north in Honduras.

Here is one more brave victim of Hillary's pro-coup foreign policy... Assassinated for her indigenous and environmental activism just this morning...

Will CD get on the ball with real news like this?


Even more so the Chicago school of economics and "The Chicago Boys"


The US war on behalf of transnational capital against democracy in Latin America is ongoing, not 40 years in the past. Tragic report from Honduras, i just received from CAGJ (let's see, who was US Secretary of State when the US signed off on the 2009 coup against the elected leader of Honduras Manuel Zelaya because he was going to raise the minimum wage?):

It is with a heavy heart that I share the devastating news of the assassination last night of Berta Cáceres, Honduran indigenous leader and winner of the 2015 Goldman Prize and Romero Prize. CAGJ hosted part of her visit to Seattle in November, with Miriam Miranda, whose organization, Honduran Black Fraternal Organization (OFRANEH), won the 2015 Food Sovereignty Prize. Below is the announcement from Berta's organization, COPINH, and a song/poem written today by Honduran musician Pavelón Cruz, translated and shared by Jesse Freeston, whose film we screened together with Miriam and Berta in November.

This evening at approximately midnight, the General Coordinator of COPINH, Berta Caceres was assassinated in her hometown of La Esperanza, Intibuca. At least two individuals broke down the door of the house where Berta was staying for the evening in the Residencial La Líbano, shot and killed her. COPINH is urgently responding to this tragic situation.
Berta Caceres is one of the leading indigenous activists in Honduras. She spent her life fighting in defense of indigenous rights, particularly to land and natural resources. In 2015, Berta won the Goldman Prize for her outstanding activism and leadership. Her death will have a profound impact on the many Lenca communities that she worked with, COPINH, the Honduran social movement, and all that knew her.
Berta Caceres and COPINH have been accompanying various land struggles throughout western Honduras. In the last few weeks, violence and repression towards Berta, COPINH, and the communities they support, had escalated. In Rio Blanco on February 20th, Berta, COPINH, and the community of Rio Blanco faced threats and repression as they carried out a peaceful action to protect the River Gualcarque against the construction of a hydroelectric dam by the internationally-financed Honduran company DESA. As a result of COPINH's work supporting the Rio Blanco struggle, Berta had received countless threats against her life and was granted precautionary measures by the InterAmerican Commission for Human Rights. On February 25th, another Lenca community supported by COPINH in Guise, Intibuca was violently evicted and destroyed.
It is urgent to demand a thorough and immediate investigation of the circumstances surrounding Berta's death. COPINH will send out more information as it becomes available.

Pavelón Cruz:
They take away life and they leave us fear.
And it hurts, knowing for certain that we will never know who sent them, nor who pulled the trigger
(even though we know)
Those who steal hope with lead,
who don't tolerate love.
Today, your blood became the water of the Gualcarque River, it became mountain and wind,
land and ancestral trees,
as old as the suffering of a people on its long march.
Assertion of a life born of the land, the water and the corn.
Life should be at least half as dignified, brave, combative and true as your life was, our beloved and unmissable big sister.
Indigenous Lenca warrior,
beautiful and eternal.

Love and solidarity.


Seeing how Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA will enable corporate coups in multiple nations on a larger scale than the 1976 Argentina coup, all nations should push back on any Obama visit during the remainder of his term and forever after.


Yup, you can pretty much lay the current violent condition of Honduras directly at Hillary's feet. She was responsible for the success of the 2009 right-wing coup against Zelaya which led to the fascist political violence we see today. She considers it, along with the bloody chaos of Libya as her proud achievements.



i sent it to newstips@commondreams earlier today.

With The Guardian running it, i'd expect to see coverage here in the morning.


Yeah. And maybe Commondreams can start to cover the ongoing Turkish attacks on the Kurdish people too.


Probably even fewer could properly label a map of much-closer-to-home central America. Remember Raygun's remark about the evil communists of Nicaragua only having an 8-hour drive to Houston?

USAns are deeply indoctrinated into the philosophy of anti-solidarity and of not giving a flying fuck about others. It's "socialism" you see. That is why they can be so critical about the federal govt agencies involved in domestic affairs, but faithfully and loyally back every vile bit of savagery the thugs of the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, Langley and Ft. Meade dish out. They regard the killing of millions of over a single dubious bogeyman to be perfectly fine if they can be made to think that it makes them a part-per-billion safer. They could not care less where they are doing it, as long as they are doing it.


SLAP! I love it. We have much to learn from our brothers and sisters south of the border about talking truth to power.


Sorry to break this to you, Yunzer, but the killings and whatever in Honduras began under Jimmy Carter, when he was POTUS. One can't really blame it on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for starting that, because neither of them did.


No. Aside from the general theme of gangsters wanting to maintain their power under countries that are essentially star-pupils of so-called "libertarian" capitalism, the current phase of violence in Honduras dates to the Hillary-supported coup against President "Mel" Zelaya in 2009. it has nothing to do with Carter-Reagan days of violence in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.


Oh, yes it does, Yunzer! The United States' policy towards Latin America started under President Carter, and continued to snowball under the Reagan Administration.


Actually, if you are going to characterize specific historical events in such simplistic sweeping terms, then the assassination of Berta Caceras can be blamed on US President Monroe in 1823 - or maybe even earlier like Cain killing Abel.


Again, you're way the hell off the subject, Yunzer, and it seems like you're deliberately acting impossible towards me for no reason other than you don't like the way I post....or talk.

Let's just let the conversation between you and me have an end, because a real conversation isn't possible between me and someone who regularly insults my intelligence, like you do.