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Skull Fractured by Police and Lied About by Trump, 75-Year-Old Peace Activist Martin Gugino Still Unable to Walk

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/17/skull-fractured-police-and-lied-about-trump-75-year-old-peace-activist-martin-gugino


Pathological liars must never be allowed to speak on national news programs.

The spreading of lies by the media knowingly, must be labeled a crime.

People’s lives are threatened by other’s lies.


That picture says it all about US policing; reminds me of pictures of Nazis running rampant over the citizenry in Germany, Poland and every where else they caused havoc roughing citizens up, hauling off the Jews and a occasional murder right in the street.

What is it about a 75 year old man standing peacefully on the sidewalk that elicits such behavior. When it comes to pr or image enhancement these cops are their own worse enemy proving everyday everything they have been accused of. Something is missing between their ears. Maybe their brains are at the reptilian level.

There was another picture in another city before this of an elderly man with a cane being shoved down, but he was picked up.


Oh I have a feeling they will learn soon enough that being a holes CAN be rather expensive.

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Their employers and insurers will learn that lesson, whether they will learn anything is doubtful. I suspect they have no regrets and are angry about the suggestion they should.


Standing up for peace and justice has always carried a risk of bodily and other harm, up to and including death. All the more today.


Narcissist politicians hate people who are not phonies.


I have learned from experience that cops are not to be trusted. Now more than ever. They are part and parcel of the status quo which they serve and protect.


Thank you for the update on this man’s health.


There another video of the Police Tasing an obviously confused 87 year old woman. Her crime was she was picking weeds in boys and girls club without their permission and was guilty of “trespass”.


Really you have to be sick in the HEAD to do something like this. These are young men and supposed to be trained and they could not deal with an 87 year old woman without using brute force.

She had a knife which she was using to cut dandelions thus deemed a threat. (The woman could not speak English but in many Countries dandelions are often used in salads)


What should a person do if they see an armed Police officer tasing an 87 year old woman? Will it get them shot if they intervene?

The Police lack any sense of decency.


They are neither qualified nor trained to deal with mental health issues. Time to take away not only their guns but tasers. Let them revert to directing traffic and under community control.

They are truly despicable. She did not comprehend a word these Georgia goons were saying. Astonishing crap and reminds me why I loathe the whole notion of private property. What kind of people are we when we place things above Life?

I used to pick dandelions all the time in my old Manhattan neighborhood to eat.


From the link you posted:

“The language barrier was obviously a problem in this case but the fact was that there was no need to tase her. There was no danger,” he said. “Any danger that was there was something the officers created.”


He should sue them for doing this to him. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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A sad but unsurprising twist on this story is the continuing effort by the toxic rightwing echo chamber to portray Mr. Gugino as a violent instigator. From Politifact (a June 9 Facebook post rated “false”):

The Buffalo protester pushed to the ground “had been previously arrested 300 times. 82 times for incitement. Riots is what he does for a living.”


Any idea what the pay scale is? And where do I apply?


Burn the motherf@#$ing police station to the ground and dissolve Buffalo’s, and every other city’s, paramilitary “SWAT”-like unit. That is what this situation demands. The pigs are out of control and running the asylum as a bunch of fascist, racist, neo-Nazis. What the past few weeks have shown is that it’s not just “a few bad apples” in police departments. The problems are systemic, and probably at least 25% of most police forces are bad actors who need to go, permanently, from law enforcement. The others are most likely bullied into silence about them for fear of either official or unofficial retaliation from others in the department. There needs to be a major house-cleaning of every department in this country, and an end to the political power of police unions. This coming from a long-time union member who is appalled at the way unionism is being used to abuse average citizens.


The Go Fund Me link doesn’t work.

Oh come on PonyBoy, I tune in EVERY SINGLE DAY to watch and listen to trump lies. They are dark but also hilarious in their absurdity.
Frankly, it’s the only entertainment offered by the media.

Martin Gugino is an heroic advocate for peace who deserves our support.: