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Slam the Door on Fast-Track!


Slam the Door on Fast-Track!

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Finally! At last! Bipartisan collaboration in Washington – and what a beaut! President Obama, the Republican Party, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, K Street lobbyists and giant multinational companies are all singing “Kumbaya” and working together to shove through Congress the fast-track legislation that will grease the wheels for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.


called. signed. hoping, once again. don’t ask me why.


The wealth of the 535 plus 9 plus 2 is primarily invested in corporations, no doubt. They are voting for the world they"re in, not the world they’re from. The corporate veins are the conduits in which they want the blood of the rest transfused. They are no longer part of the donor class, but it is free to “eat cake”.


A very accurate summary except for “some cowed Democrats have fallen in line” is BS. No “cowing” has been needed.

The voting records of the Democrats voting in favor of fast track have always favored the 1% at the expense of the 99%.
They may be progressive on social issues that don’t impact the fortunes of the 1`%, but consistently vote as bad or worse than their GOP colleagues on economic issues, as we are seeing with the TPP vote counts.


Oh, I SO agree!


It’s a wasteland, American politics. It is more than likely that Democratic President Obama will succeed with the TTP, and when I get into one of these moods, I find a great change of pace is a glass of cabarnet, or a wine of choice, and Mozart, try it, it soothes the soul.


That isn’t true. A MAJORITY of Republicans voted for this gift to Big Business while a relative handful of sold-out Dems did. You always try to make the Dems look worse.


Some of the same families financed both.


HisStorey: Thanks for the Concerto–better than the news.


I agree, beautiful isn’t it?


My post was not at odds with “a majority of Republicans” voting with Obama, and clearly referred ONLY to the “relative handful of sold-out Dems”


Call all their phone numbers. Call other members who are voting Yes. Call them every day. Do you think lobbyist don’t spend hours with them? We should have more authority than lobbyists.


Fast track authority has been tried and is a royal failure. We’ve seen the results with NAFTA, CAFTA, and now we are getting SHAFTA (as Thom Hartmann likes to call TPP etc.). The House of (Corporate) Representatives can stop all these bad deals now.



I will join you. Play on Gentlemen… But with the sickening tilt of the Deck and people sliding, I’m having trouble keeping my glass full…

Farewell, Titanic USA!