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Slamming 'Absurd' US Healthcare, Sanders Backs Single-Payer in Colorado


Slamming 'Absurd' US Healthcare, Sanders Backs Single-Payer in Colorado

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) this week endorsed a Colorado ballot measure that would create single-payer healthcare in the state, urging his supporters to rally around the amendment and stating, "If that proposal can win in Colorado, I believe that idea will spread around the country."


Great that Bernie is putting his weight behind Colorado Proposition 69. That would be cool if it passed despite the Democrat party establishment in the state being against it (Gov Hickenlooper and Senator Bennet). The only public poll on the topic so far looks good. Bernie actually quietly got Proposition 69 mentioned favorably in the 2016 Democratic Party national platform - a nice end run so Hillary wouldn't be able to come out against it if she visits the state during the campaign.


We can only hope it passes. The fight for Single Payer is being aided unwittingly by the same Insurance Corps. that wrote Obamacare. Claiming they aren't making the enormous profits they expected from Ocare many are bailing out of the system turning it in many places into travesty where people are left with almost no choices. Maybe, the system will collapse of its own contradictions and bring on some variety of Single payer. Sadly, it's more likely to be allowed to collapse back into a situation where millions are simply denied any coverage at all.


I'll be rooting for you Colorado people!


If you support single-payer, support ColoradoCare. If it happens in Colorado, it will spread throughout the country. Sign up and donate at ColoradoCare.org!


Millions of dollars will pour into Colorado opposing the Single-Payer initiative. People will be told they'll have an astronomical increase in taxes and death-list medical care.

Just like they were told legalizing pot would cause an increase in drug addiction and crime.

Coloradans have already shown a resistance to propaganda. Here's hoping they do it again.


Apparently there is a coalition of Democrats (including the governor, as you mentioned) and Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce that calls itself "Coloradans for Coloradans." They employ the usual propaganda about cost and giving the present system more time. They also make digs at Vermont. Anyone smell a subtext here?


Has Hillary endorsed this amendment?

Hillary has taken far too much money from the for-profit health insurance companies for that to ever happen.

Medicare for all.


I smell the Koch brothers and Libertarians at work.


While I fully appreciate the Coloradans' appreciation of Bernie's support, I can well "imagine a figure whose support of ColoradoCare [would be] more meaningful." Either of the major-party candidates could support it very meaningfully.

I do hope the voters demand it.


No - she has not endorsed it and it is not in her philosophy to endorse it (endorsing government option types of proposals to supplement the private insurance market is as far as she'll ever go). However, the Democratic platform specifically calls for the need for coverage of the whole population and cites ColoradoCare as a model way for that to happen. That makes it so Clinton can't come out against the proposition in a public statement. Sanders made a smart move - forcing Clinton to stay out of it to give the proposition a fighting chance. Of course, they'll still be plenty of big money against it - but I'm hoping people will stay united on this issue and win the day.


Yep - this is a whack-a-mole situation for the big monied health care interests. Colorado is a big enough state that a successful model can turn into multiple states adopting single payer initiatives and lead to a national program as the snowball gets rolling. This is a much more likely scenario than hoping that a "white knight" will win the White House and magically get a single payer plan through Congress.


So had Hillary endorsed the amendment it would have gone down to defeat?
It doesn't bode well for people who want affordable universal health care that Hillary will become the president if she's philosophically opposed to anything but free market Capitalist systems to be in place.


That's pretty funny stuff.
Did you ever think about taking your act to the stage?


Interesting that the headline of this article is Slamming 'Absurd' US Healthcare, Sanders Backs Single-Payer in Colorado

I just read the article on the Guardian's website (www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/aug/26/bernie-sanders-our-revolution-grassroots-jeff-weaver) about Bernie's "Our Revolution" movement/campaign -whatever you want to call it - faltering before it has even started, i.e.. half the staff has quit.

Even more interesting and directly relating to this article (and the headline) was this (taken from Guardian article):

One more thing could hamper Our Revolution: it seems Sanders isn’t going to be a part of it. Listening to his speech on Wednesday, it seemed as if he planned a distinctly hands-off role.

“As I understand it,” he said, “Our Revolution will endorse 100 candidates.”

Later he mentioned a ballot initiative in Colorado in support of single-payer healthcare.

“As I understand it,” he said, “Our Revolution will be supporting that ballot item.”


Bernie has work to do in the Senate. It's what we pay him for. And picking at his gracious words is really petty. That's why it's called "Our" Revolution, not "MY."


You are 100% correct.


Picking at his gracious words? Bernie Sanders saying "As I understand it, Our Revolution will be supporting that item" to me sounds like someone who isn't familiar with the issue, which is why I mentioned it. The headline on the article, Slamming 'Absurd' US Healthcare, Sanders Backs Single-Payer in Colorado implied he was behind it 100%. Would you not agree?

From another article on counterpunch about Bernie and his revolution:

“Our Revolution,” is it?

Unfortunately, adding more confusion to the already current chaotic political landscape is none other than Senator Bernie Sanders. After his close encounter with the Democratic Party, one would think that Sanders would want nothing more to do with misleaders of this ilk. Yet, here he is trying to herd unsuspecting youth into voting, and even campaigning for, the she-wolf of Wall Street and the military, Hillary Clinton. By launching “Our Revolution,” Sanders is able to dispose of some unused large contributions to promote Hillary and various other candidates. We should all have gratitude for Bernie for cracking open the sacred precincts of the super-rich, that is, the presidential election process, but we cannot, nor should we, blindly follow Sanders, who in spite of claiming to be a democratic socialist, is actually in favor of preserving capitalism.

Instead, we should let nothing distract us from putting some meat on the socialist bones. If any of Bernie’s list of good fellas that he is supporting are actually socialists, and not afraid to say so, we should support them. Better yet, and with or without Bernie, let’s get one or more socialists on every government board in the country. This is how we can sink roots for the ongoing remodeling of the political scene as we make our way to a post-scarcity society.


Wasn't this tried in Bernie's own state and it failed?


As President she would probably work to make ObamaCare work better - possibly with the addition of a government option if the Congressional support is there. But that's not how single payer is likely to happen in this country. As I said above, we are much more likely to see a series of state single payer systems start to blossom and that will give the push for Federal adoption the necessary tailwind to pass. Where Clinton comes into this is that she will appoint the Supreme Court justices that will rule that the single payer system is constitutional. Trump appointees would gut such a law because it denies insurance companies the right to control our bodies and pharmaceutical companies the right to charge what they want and doctors the right to refuse service to gay people.