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Slamming 'Corruption' That Has Allowed Rampant Abuse by For-Profit Prison Industry, Warren Releases Plan to Ban Private Prisons

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/21/slamming-corruption-has-allowed-rampant-abuse-profit-prison-industry-warren-releases

The for-profit prison industry is every bit as loathesome and degrading as the for-profit health “insurance” industry, if not more so, because it incentivizes making ever more people “criminals.”

Good point. Of course, the profit in prisons comes not only from the contracts to physically incarcerate convicts, but also by exploiting their physical labor for negligible “wages” (the classic example being prison manufacture of products for Victoria’s Secret, which has reportedly stopped). Similar double-dipping in health care would be like harvesting a kidney for sale from someone in hospital for a hernia repair. Hey! Let’s do a start-up!

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Will the real E. Warren please step forward. Are we looking at a self proclaimed capitalist, or a pretend one when it comes to support of private prisons.

If we have private prisons we can feed our preferred guests three courses with wine and dessert.

Thank You Sen Warren------Let’s take a HAMMER to the CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE!

You represent a state that knows the meaning of Patriot------will you Sen. Warren support the repeal of the “patriot act”???

Sen Warren will you support taking the profit out of healthcare—support healthcare centers in every neighborhood???

And I really wish some reporter would ask all these candidates the question -are sanctions are an act of war???

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