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Slamming GOP Attempts at Election-Meddling, Gillum Rescinds Concession Speech as Florida Heads for Recount


Slamming GOP Attempts at Election-Meddling, Gillum Rescinds Concession Speech as Florida Heads for Recount

Julia Conley, staff writer

As his gubernatorial race headed for a recount, Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum withdrew his concession speech from last Tuesday, noting that while his fate in the election may not change after the votes are recounted, the integrity of the country's democratic process will be severely undermined if Republicans succeed in ending the process of counting every vote cast by Floridians.


Them Ruskies are amateurs compared to us Americans with twenty year-old voting software and Diebold voting machines that didn’t verify totals.


“Mr Trump had earlier said there was “a lot of dishonesty” over contested votes.” It’s hard to believe that one person could be such a giant prick…a lot of dishonesty…OH Boy…always projecting, just like every other old white GOP has-been. These fucks are so rotten it smells like something died and indeed it has, most of our Democracy has succumbed to their vile ways. We better get ‘poppin’’ or we’re cooked.


Florida 2000 redux. Republicans trying to intimidate voters and vote-counters (again)!

Florida, where I live, still has a black eye from the 2000 election. Let’s hope it doesn’t try

for two of them. Stay strong and steadfast Andrew and Bill. Do not “go along to get along”!


At least there are no butterfly ballots this time or hanging chads.


And in Georgia…




Georgia, where it’s still 1863 in the fevered imaginations of many.


This is everybody’s fault who did nothing to intervene since the 2000 election to insure the integrity of the vote. Who the hell thought it was magically going to fix itself; They are all stupid, don;t care, are too weak , or are bought.


Gore was probably threatened by the oligarch establishment who preferred an idiot be president when their twin towers demolition happened. Otherwise why was he so lame that “he refused to fight with all the tools available to him.”
What a letdown that was!


( Gillum Rescinds Concession Speech as Florida Heads for Recount]-



Gillum is right on about this! Recount every vote by hand.

If Gore had done that in 2000 we wouldn’t have had George W. Bush.


Have CDers heard about the mailed-in ballots in the Florida ( Dade Cty ) USPS processing center that are going to be labeled " spoiled " by election officials? Evidently they are behind yellow tape and since it’s where Mr. Pipe Bomber mailed his packages, they are untouchable. WT–Hey???
We’re talking many thousands of ballots from a heavily Democratic County, here. This story if true, seems very odd and stinks to high heaven of government and police state interference in a national election, since the votes of and for Congressional folks are on those ballots.
Again, what in hell is going on in Florida and what in the hell do those ballots have to do with the criminal trial of Pipe Bomber Boy?
It is way past time for Democrats to descend on Miami and start demanding transparency and their legal rights. Unbelievable doesn’t begin to adequately explain this bullshit: Time to " separate the wheat from the chaff " in more ways than one. Put the criminal classes behind steel bars instead of allowing them to drink in them and connive to steal our elections.
This ends now!


Another shenanigan I read about is invalidating thousands and thousands of ballots because “signatures don’t match” I guess this is the new election stealing tactic being employed, not just in Florida, but across the nation.

I encountered this in Missouri (no evidence it is being used to steal elections here, but my point is the potential I believe is by design) where after I showed my required State issued ID, I had to use an electronic pen to sign on a tablet. Many people just left it on the table and scrawled something very quick under the pressure of the line. I insisted on picking it up with the election worker looking peeved and carefully signed my name but still, it is very hard to sign normal.

So, the obvious scam is…they compare the signature on your voter registration or ID to the signature on that pad, and presto!!! Perfect way to invalidate lots of votes, if need be.


Credited to an unknown interwebs contributor:

Florida: “Nobody pulls off racist election meddling shenanigans like we do!”

Georgia: “Hold my moonshine!”


We still hold a bit of a grudge for Al at our house. Certifying the vote was such bs.


"Scott as well as President Donald Trump called the continued tallying into question, with the governor telling sheriffs to "watch for any violations during the recount process."

It should say something about the state of American “democracy” when the Governor of a state with a Republican overseeing the elections is whining about the other party rigging the election.

It should REALLY say something about the state of American “democracy” when the Governor is demanding that the counting of votes be stopped and not only has he not been beheaded yet, but most people consider it an ordinary and anticipated demand.


Let’s leave the Russians out of this even if used in jest. It only furthers those “the Russians did it” false claims.


What we need to do is to go back to the hand counting of paper ballots. So what if it takes a few extra days. What we have now is a circus for all the world to witness.


It was not the right of Al Gore to sell out the voters and our country with his caving in to the Establishment. The effects of his cowardice will last long beyond his retirement into oblivion.


His actions were not just a “letdown”, as you say. His actions were a disgraceful disaster to him and we still suffer from his cowardice.