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Slamming Joe Lieberman for Joining Chinese Telecom Giant, Warren Calls for 'Lifetime Ban' on Members of Congress Becoming Lobbyists


Slamming Joe Lieberman for Joining Chinese Telecom Giant, Warren Calls for 'Lifetime Ban' on Members of Congress Becoming Lobbyists

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Responding to news that former Democratic Sen. Joe Liebermann—who once promised to never lobby after leaving Congress—is joining the Chinese telecom giant ZTE as a registered lobbyist, Sen.


To be as effective as is sorely needed, the bill must preclude former congressional staffers from lobbying for their lifetimes as well.


How about a ban on politicians?

Direct (Liquid) Democracy


We need a ban on foreign lobbying so countries like China, Russia and Saudi Arabia have to conduct their foreign policy out in the open.

Is Israel AIPAC included?


Good question.


This is going to be such a bitter-sweet time in the political realm. The House may pass many good bills. Then comes the rub. How much of it has a real chance to survive with Donny-little-hands holding the veto pen?
At best this will be insurance to collect upon the arrival a democrat president.
But with “the turtle” as head of the senate things may remain static.


Lobbying needs to end. Individual constituents should be able to petition their representatives as citizens. They are the ones who should be deciding what it right for our country. The political leaders need to start doing their job instead of waiting for the lobbyist to tell them what to do or write the legislation.


Lieberman; Al Gores worst mistake.


Once the corporations, lobbyists, politicians, and the lawyers all conspired to get “Citizens United” passed, all entities and tentacles became insulated from question.
How the hell do we walk that back?


Have all persons working on half of a foreign government listed as foreign agents. Yes, as in being a spy.

Too many proprietary, government, and military secrets being gathered by friends and foes.

Prosecute all responsible. Enforce by the level of information stolen


The global arms industry never had a better friend than Joe.

Lieberman even outdid the Clintons at being the best Republican the Democrats ever had and continues to do so.


What do you expect from an asshole like Joe Liebermann. I knew he was a total sell out from day one.


They call it “public service.” We call it “self-service.”


Exactly. Corporate lobbying is an euphemism for bribery and must be banned. But Warren has this to say as well:

“ZTE is a giant foreign telecom company that’s close with the Chinese government. They’ve violated serious U.S. sanctions on Iran and North Korea.”

So Warren is saying that China, and logically any other foreign nation, must not violate “serious U.S. sanctions”??

So U.S. law is international law? This is the same kind of imperialistic mentality that causes wars throughout the world. Ban lobbying, whether it’s from China or any other country doing it. But don’t talk about other countries having to follow U.S. laws. In this case, by sanctioning Iran, it is the U.S. that has violated international law. Warren’s arrogance has just disqualified her as a progressive.


If a company wishes to hire a lobbyist who is savvy in talking to Congress (and is not a former Congess member), I’m not sure I have a problem with it as long as the company isn’t allowed to give money to Congess members for reelection.

Maybe Congress wants to hear briefly the company line (since they likely employ constituents) and compare that to other input. If we cut off the money, their say won’t be a problem.


That is a big red flag. When it comes to Iran and Israel, she unfortunately has a lot of them. Still she might be the best if Bernie doesn’t run which is sad. Tulsi Gabbard or Barbara Lee are better options neither of which are likely to happen.


China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia!
All the big bad boogies. Warren is calling out to the war machine to get support for her upcoming presidential run. 'Cept I don’t quite get putting the Saudis in with this bunch. Aren’t they our best best buddies? They helped in Syria, in Yemen, in, well , um, in another thing a few years back.


Lobbying is lobbying, no matter what country is doing the dealing. Some things may not be available in some countries. Some issues need a representative to introduce them.
But there needs to be a way to make lobbying an open, in the daylight activity.


The zionist entity is the poster child for foreign “meddling”, which is actual overt subversion of our Congress, foreign policy, elections, and much else, including their spy network that has been caught more than a few times, and AIPAC is their tool! The AIPAC foreign agents and treasonous Americans should be permanently banned and ALL those who work for a foreign nations interests over our republic’s prosecuted to the fullest extent!


In theory your plan should work. In practice, it works like this. There is a club. If you know about it, you are possibly in it. If you don’t know about it, you are not. Those in the club can deal. Those out of not only cannot deal, but must know how to avoid suspicion, else they are toast.
Other than this, no rules.