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Slamming Use of Poor Communities as 'Dumping Grounds' by Corporate Polluters, Jay Inslee Unveils Plan to Hold Fossil Fuel Giants Accountable

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/slamming-use-poor-communities-dumping-grounds-corporate-polluters-jay-inslee-unveils

This guy has a message worth listening to. I see him as a great vice for Sanders or Warren.

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Agreed, Inslee is worth listening to. Which in no way means that he will be given a ‘voice’ by the MSM!

Yea, I think they are trying to marginalize him which is probably a great reason to take more interest in him.

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Has been my pick as well since I discovered his stand on the climate crisis.

Head of the EPA

Not to be disrespectful, since I really haven’t read up on him, but what does he say about corporate polluters abroad, for example Bhopal or Fallujah where many children were born with birth defects due to depleted uranium?

And beyond specific pollution events does he acknowledge the enormous contribution of the US military to the production of gases responsible for climate change?

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