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Slandering Single Payer



"Duh, yep, I think it's worth it to pay BCBS $8,000 to keep that thar gubment from taxin' me $3,000 fer me health insurance. Keep your gubment out ov me medicare!"


Glad to see Diane Rehm DARE to speak Truth to paid-off interests!

On this:

"Ignoring the results of the Gallup poll, Armour says that while single payer “has intrigued people for decades, it has never gotten a majority of support and in the current political climate, it would be very difficult.”

This is the meme that's oft-repeated; and it's had its paid messenger squad inside these (C.D) threads, too.

AS IF the majorities polled in favor of Single Payer EVER have a chance to weigh in and influence actual policy!

Once again, as the Page and Givens Study proves... the average citizen (even when in a massive majority) has virtually NO influence over policy determinations. That's been the case since government was first demonized and then its services deregulated; the media "liberated" and passed into 5 corporate consortium's hands; and the lobby system grown into a Cancer that's occupied K-Street for the past few decades.

Since the mass media just repeats the lies, not enough people realize that Sanders' plan is eminently pragmatic. The cost savings drawn from the composite savings on medical insurance, employee insurance, car insurance, home owners' (for accidental injury on properties) insurance added to the relinquishment of all of the paperwork processing which eats up 30% of monies taken in would certainly meet expenses.


As Jeff Faux and once upon a time even Bill Clinton have pointed out, our system overpays for healthcare to the tune of 1 TRILLION dollars a year. With a sane single payer program we could bargain for what is purchased as well as eliminate the middle men. We are getting a very, very lousy deal so that a relatively few can enjoy monopoly profits. To assert that single payer would cost more- not less - is to my mind to assert that we are really not as clever as the other countries. Really? Or is it honest?


In any other place and time, such a statement would be only use in a farcical parody of the capitalist system. How can this Ms. Armour even say this with a straight face? Does she actually not know how absurd it is? The moral repugnancy of proposing such a thing aside, do these people really believe that it is even possible to "shop around" for medical treatments that one needs - almost always urgently - to save their life or relieve severe pain and suffering?

Will the capitalist system please hurry up and come to a crashing end under its absurdities and contradictions and the enraged masses who will destroy every last vestige of it and stand on its grave until they are sure it is dead?


Short and sweet; excellent as always, Russell.


Boycott NPR. All they do is prop up the corporate narrative. NPR—the protector of corporate profit!


Well like the broadcast and print media it is a rare event to see comparisons of the successful H/C systems around the world: This is how censorship works with a "free press" - they just don't talk about it.


Rehm needs to repeat her show on this topic with a more balanced cast of characters (add in Berwick, Woolhandler or Himmelstein, a consumer group or two, a large employer moving jobs out of the US because of healthcare benefit costs, as well as the more traditional policy wonks, like Dentzer et al). It is time to seriously look at the mythology about single payer that has taken firm root in the US - that we (as opposed to most of the rest of the Western world) could not possibly stomach some version of a single-payer. This is particularly frustrating since we have already done the "try everything else" thing with our current non-system and it still isn't working. Yes, the lobby that benefits from the status quo is huge and powerful (insurers, big pharma, etc.), but stakeholders that are suffering because of high cost and poor quality also have power (e.g., large employers and...lest we forget them...the People.