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'Slap in the Face': As Bezos Wealth Jumps $30 Billion Amid Pandemic, Amazon to End $2 Per Hour Hazard Pay for Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/14/slap-face-bezos-wealth-jumps-30-billion-amid-pandemic-amazon-end-2-hour-hazard-pay


Hazard pay an extra 2 dollars an hour? That is all of what 16 bucks a day? I am sure that 16 bucks a day makes a difference to those workers but it does show just how poorly they compensated in the first palce.

Even as Bezos worth another 30 billion based on the work of his wage slaves.


Hahahahaha, this is so obscene it is funny (in a sick sort of way, obviously). Trump’s git yerselves back to work campaign gave Bezos the cover he needed to cut Amazon workers pay. That spells more in the bank for Bozos. WAKE UP, people.


I hope those who forgot to throw away the key when locking Jeff in his junior high locker at least now know their folly…


It pays very well to be a sociopath in the USA when all you care about is amassing “wealth” above all else.


The economic system has been fully sucked up the pyramid. Its all over but the tears and tears (rip offs).
Bit coin and crypto currency ARE SYSTEMS - LEARN ABOUT THEM. Being seriously considered in comparison to gold, TRUE crypto cannot be undermined, is peer to peer, no middleman, documented exchange. Even if you do not use it, (disclaimer I do not). We are already digital to an astounding degree/percentage. States have been experimenting with currencies for decades. It is a doable option.
The 99% needs make the meme “history is written by the winners” our legacy. This fight is for the long haul - note the meme of truckers - standing their ground.

The economy is back to and beyond robber baron.

With no union movement to check and balance the oligarchs.

With Fox News and the Republican Party and their federal and supreme courts working furiously to bend and skew the rules on taxes, regulations, and labor laws. Not to mention bail-outs.

Did you notice who got $4 trillion. And who got $500 billion?

If Americans don’t resist this now, in November, with all of this corruption staring them in the face, punching them in the face, America is lost. If not for generations, forever.


This is no longer merely wealth – these are Royals being created now with
their own Kingdoms. And all while workers are not permitted to unionize, where
wages are slave wages and working conditions often dangerous.

Our Anti-Trust laws are not being used by Congress while this personal wealth grows
outrageously – but while unemployment is the highest it’s ever been and changes to
Unemployment Insurance and to Welfare Guarantees make them unreliable for those
who need them. Just looking at our rates of Homelessness make that clear.

Meanwhile, beyond Bezos – our members of Congress need to be looked at – Pelosi
with $127 Million – McConnell having added $27.3 Million to his wealth in just a few years.
Certainly this wealth is not coming from their Congressional salaries.

Same for presidents who become multi-Millionaires while in office and come into windfalls
of mutli-Millions once they’ve left office.

We might also notice that with CIA running drugs and guns in our societies sufficiently violent
to create chaos here to overturn our “democracy” – as they’ve long been doing in many other
nations, as well – we are becoming the GOP’s dream of a “third world America.”

I say “becoming,” but if you look around you’ll see that the pollution alone and slave wages make
us a third world nation – even more so when you add in crime rates and government corruption.


The downfall of every empire is greed. I need to hang on to this historically proven fact to not lose hope. The problem is systemic. The system is Capitalism.


How do you resist when the two parties are wholly owned by and only beholden to their corporate oligarch owners? I am afraid the USA is in its final years as both parties are fully determined to burn everything to the ground. I no longer see any manner to stop them beyond massive ongoing general strikes and boycotts of the corporations. Voting no longer has any effect at all.


I’ve been humming Van Halen’s Runnin’ with the Devil since I got my copy of Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean yesterday. She traces the development of our current GOP Tea Party-Libertarians from the antebellum Southern slaveholders like John Calhoun to the Koch Brothers. Interestingly enough, there are other threads involved, such as the invasion of the Borderers as shock troops from England to take over Indigenous lands in the early 1700’s(well documented by David Hackett Fischer in Albion’s Seed). John C. Calhoun was descended from that demographic, and had their fervor for property rights and how Europeans were the supreme rulers in the hierarchy. Another link described by Nancy Isenberg in her, er, well, I was placed in FB jail for citing the book title. Let’s just say it matches pale garbage. Anyway, it was how poor whites were used by the planter class as a buffer against the free North, letting them know that the poorest sharecropper was better than any grimy factory worker.
So, here we are. Billionaires and millionaires still rule us all, but truly want to make us all slaves. Take away our right to vote(the original constitution only allowed property owning white males to vote, and gave slave owners more than one vote based on how many slaves they owned). They’ve already taken away our rights to form labor unions. They claim they’re the “makers” and we’re the “takers”. That’s Orwell speak. No more billionaires. No more millionaires. No more inherited wealth. Let’s pay essential workers such as health care providers, teachers, those who raise our children, care for our elders, raise our food, work in markets, clean our homes…pay them a living wage and more. As for the rentier class…pay them minimum wage to play with their hedge funds and commodity futures, with their own money.


Have to ask ourselves do we want wealthier and more billionaires of more middle class Americans

While I realize how important Amazon has been to the disabled and homebound, especially those living alone, this company needs to get the sh*t struck out of it.

Of course, with a historically large pool of scab labor now available, not sure it would do much except screw the workers even harder, but still, these lines in the sand keep getting stomped, and at some point, we all got say “enough!”. So now that my partner has passed away, I can finally be rid of them for good. Free at last!


Of course there is an obvious answer for most of us. The problem is WHO the HELL is going to implement the solution , Nancy? Chuck? ByeDone? Harris? Warren?

It would require massive numbers of people in the streets all the time for a long time, getting arrested, Getting their heads cracked, and getting killed. (e.g. the 60’s and 70’s)
I dont seen it


Voting hasn’t had any effect for a least 20 years (probably much longer I’m sure)
That’s why we arent going to get out of this mess by voting.


sek –

So, here we are. Billionaires and millionaires still rule us all, but truly want to make us all slaves.

That’s a hard fact for the public to accept and recognize, unfortunately.

Too, that Capitalism and Elites are suicidal in the extent to which they will ignore the public will.
And they will take us all with them.

Both are products of “Christianity” –

In reflecting on the GENOCIDE here and the “Discovery” era, obviously the Church found
it necessary to control explorations and guide them, fund them.

Columbus didn’t come alone; he had family connections to the Vatican by marriage and had
dedicated himself to spreading “Christianity” here.

Ironically enough, for those of us continuing to watch the “The Curse of Oak Island” . . .
these questions of wealth, religious fanaticism, the need for labor which turned native people
first into “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs” and then into SLAVES along with Africans
already enslaved here – have likely made clear the funding of the REVOLUTION here by
these same sources. Consider the suffering and pain throughout the world these few brought
to the world – and here, in the bait and switch between the Declaration of Independence -
ALL ARE EQUAL – and the Constitution which created an Elite/Patriarchy.

The myths of democracy are everywhere still – but no one created a democracy here – nor
were we given any tools to run a democracy here – not even a “No Confidence” vote.
And yet our schools still teach this myth to young children.


The actual hazard is right there and it isn’t getting any smaller today. Today’s big novel coronavirus explosions (I compare five day averages) are in three high-population states: New York State, Texas and California. Translation: way too many new, actively infectuous cases right now and more in the future because across the USA, the confirmed new case numbers simply aren’t going down.

So, “hazard pay” really translates into, “what do we have to do to keep them all from quitting at the same time?” It’s almost like paying all the available scabs a one-time bonus of $300 or so to cross the picket line.

I update my statistics daily at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm You know, with my anti-greed attitude it’s no wonder that google’s search engine has censored me worldwide for the last 45 days running. Actual hard statistics based on CDC data are dangerous things! I could even possibly promote employee sanity in (ulp!) Google someday. In any case, use duckduckgo.


I’ve always thought that farmers and especially farm workers should be paid the most, as they literally keep us alive with their back breaking work. This would apply to family farms and not corporate ones. And as for the rentier class, simply ship them all off to someplace like the late Epstein’s island where they can attempt to live out their depraved lives all on their own.


Can you say NEOFEUDALISM ?


I have been a loyal customer and have bought a lot of crap from Amazon over the years. But I would gladly cease doing business with Amazon entirely if I thought that my individual boycott would accomplish anything. But it won’t. Individual boycotts are useless, serving only to appease one’s conscience. However, a boycott, en masse, by millions of us at once, with a letter of intent to that greedy bastard Bezos and his corporate-board minions, would definitely send a message. We are going to have to hit these corporate assholes in their profit margins. That’s the only thing they can relate to. A boycott of this type would be even more effective than protesting in the streets. We are going to have to mobilize. We – the working class, the marginalized, the elderly, the minorities – cannot keep taking this shit over and over and over. Greed is NOT good, a country is NOT a corporation, and CEOs and corporate fat cats have no place in our government, trying to run this country like one.