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'Slap in the Face': As Bezos Wealth Jumps $30 Billion Amid Pandemic, Amazon to End $2 Per Hour Hazard Pay for Workers

Not behind bars, head on a pike.

I’m not interested in paying the Jeff Bezos, the Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, any of them, another nickel. Strip the money they stole from the rest of us and put them behind bars for theft. They can consider themselves lucky if they avoid the fate of Louis XVI.

Bezos is the poster child for the corporate theft rampant in America-the theft promulgated by the so called “leadership” of both political parties—the ones now inflicting their corporate dystopia on the American people—wake up — the corporatists and their political allies are killing us so they can keep making money–and there is literally NO ONE there for the people(note–the “progressives” have voted for every crappy bill put out so far by the corporatists and while they make a few speeches-- they have accomplished NOTHING-gave up all their power when they voted for that crap-and are now gas lighting us while lining up behind Pelosi who’s totally inadequate plan will never see the light of day --because they have already given up their only lever–once the rich and powerful got theirs fat chance their political allies would think --much less care about the American people- in fact --based on their actions so far–do you think they could care less what happens to the workers?)

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Hi Nothardly:
Maybe you forgot that there are more GOPers in the Senate. Bernie was not there, but even if he had been the GOPers are many in the Senate. Even if Bernie had been there, to boy-=te against the GOPers would have won. Maybe you should check out the votes for the Dems—and you would see that the GOPers would have won anyway, as there are not enough Dems in the Senate to beat Mitch! . : )

The power of the RIGHT – corporate-fascism a la Koch Bros – is so strong
even within the Dem Party as we are shown every day by Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer –
that it seems ridiculous that we are campaigning against Trump and not against them.

How many organizations are pushing us to raise money for the DP itself – and never
mention Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer or Corporate fascism in DP?

This TRIO for corporate-fascism/Koch Bros. in the DP knows that we have no way of
toppling them – and they show it every day.

50 years of voting on HACK-ABLE electronic voting machines –
and MSM’s large computers announcing “winners” based on 1% or even 0% of the
predicted vote –
Elites - wealthier than ever - backing right wing candidates in GOP and DP –
and Biden one more betrayal, just as Hillary was.

Right wing fascists would not have come this close to taking total power without the
betrayal of Democrats selling us and the nation out for money$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

The two parties are not equally anti-worker. And it’s not close. I agree that the Dems are far, far too corporate BUT they are still, flaws and all, much better on policy and law, especially in the realm of economics. They also include politicians like Bernie and AOC who are truly progressive. There are only libertarian regressives in the Republican party.

Take just one issue: immigration. What Trump has done to immigrants, separating parents from infants and very young children, should be all the reason any decent person needs to vote against Trump (if you can’t stomach voting for Dems).

At the end of the day, this election indeed presents us with another LOTE vote.

But the “E” is so extremely evil this time.

Meanwhile, Joe Rogan just got 100 million to chat with his comedian buddies about aliens and about the horror of his California state tax bill with the esteemed members of the IDW. A real man of the people.