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'Slap In the Face': DeVos Under Fire for Including Fringe Men's Rights Group in Sexual Assault Talks


'Slap In the Face': DeVos Under Fire for Including Fringe Men's Rights Group in Sexual Assault Talks

Julia Conley, staff writer

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is under fire on Thursday as she holds three meetings on campus sexual assault—including one where she'll hear from a fringe "men's rights" group with a history of harassing sexual assault survivors and placing the blame for sexual and physical violence on victims.


Do you suppose the fascist Betsy Wetsey would benefit from some firsthand experience with sexual assault, as a participant-victim, not as a detached observer-judge?


How predictable of devos…as with all the trump regime’s appointees, this one fulfills the intentions of the ginger pig to roll-back all protections for education and at-risk people, the environment and pollution laws, financial and consumer laws - all anathema to the trump 1% filthy-rich swine…Obama gave us the mantra “change we can believe-in”, trumps can be “profits uber alles”!


Trump education official says 90% of sexual assault accusations can be summed up by ‘we were both drunk’

Betsy I don’t agree with your education ideology, but I think you might have hit upon an inconvenient truth here. Perhaps it is time to educate students on the pitfalls of the alcohol culture prevalent on our college campuses. Also, it might be an advantage to offer some alternatives to alcohol for the purpose of altering one’s mood. I wonder if there have been any studies on the rate of sexual assaults committed under the influence of Cannabis?


Sexual assault on campuses is rampant and a crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Take the schools out of the picture and go directly to local police not campus cops who want to sweep it under the rug. If someone does the crime, and it is a crime, tough they should know better and deserve to have their lives destroyed as was their victims. Anything less is wrong.


Not sure why you feel the need to insult “gingers” and pigs. Trump’s major-league scumbaggery is incomparable- why bring down another otherwise intelligent and dignified race/species? Name-calling is a bullying Trump tactic- is it not?


When are people going to wake up to the reality of the university-industrial-complex? How many more in-your-face reasons does it take to say NO? (I know many female high earners who did not attend college.)


PLEASE do not suggest sexual assault as a way to raise political consciousness!!! I rmember when people suggested that Tipper Gore should be raped in the early 1990s for her attempts to censor rock & rap lyrics. IT PROMOTES SEXUAL VIOLENCE to suggest that ANYONE should be RAPED for ANY reason. Fact is, for some people they LACK EMPATHY & do NOT engage in self=examination about their own biases–hence, they Do Not Care about injustices endured by OTHER PEOPLE (FOR A PARALELLE to the issues of violence against women, look at POLICE BRUTALITY & how utterly CALLOUS many white people are about people of color beiing murdered on a daily basis by police). Yet, if they or someone they care about is subjected to police violence or simply garden-variety abuse of authority, it’s the worst this ever! Regardless, PLEASE do NOT suggest that Betsy Devos be raped so “she;ll understand” how awful sexual assault is.


Mea Culpa Helena. My clearly derogatory handle for trump is taken from a character from LeCarre’s “Smiley’s People” called the Ginger Pig. I hold the greatest respect for ginger and use it very often, and pigs - a very intelligent and very abused species that doesn’t deserve to be raised under hideous conditions to be consumed by humans - my feelings are Babe, not Gordon Ramsey. My sincere apologies…


I asked a question. All motives attributed to my post are yours.


This may not be a bad thing. It will give a voice to this fringe movement, and expose its members for the sorry little creatures they are. They are holding on to their puny little genitals for dear life, afraid that having to face as phalanx of strong, independent women will make them fall off. Would that it were true!


Hmmmm…wonder if she has first-hand knowledge of “someone” who may have sexually (and even physically) assaulted women while in college…with initials EP…EP has shown that he is a practiced perpetrator and proponent of violence (and guns for hire)? That would provide some explanation for DeVoid (of brains) bizarre attempt to shift blame to the victim while absolving the victimizer.

Her actions while sec of ed to date are not those of someone who is qualified to hold the position and carry out the duties TO PROTECT OUR NATION’S YOUTH K-UNIVERSITY. She literally and figuratively BOUGHT this cabinet seat. Not only is she clueless, she is also heartless.