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"Slap in the Face" to Poor Americans: House GOP Passes Farm Bill Attacking Nation's Hungriest Families


"Slap in the Face" to Poor Americans: House GOP Passes Farm Bill Attacking Nation's Hungriest Families

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With the Poor People's Campaign protesting "policy violence against families and children" outside the Capitol Building, House Republicans on Thursday forced through a "shameful" and "cruel" Farm Bill that would deprive about 2 million Americans of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), often called food stamps.


Typical human contempt and greed-driven crimes!

While we’re at it lets examine the $21 Trillion unaccounted-for by the Pentagon - “Defense” Department.
Thanks to _nineteen50_for the link to this greatest of all treasons, crimes, and thefts.

“The Pentagon’s own numbers show that it can’t account for $21 trillion” - and we cannot feed the hungry, cloth the cold, save the victims, or anything humanitarian - Amerika is no longer a civilian republic, but a de facrto military dictatorship!

The image of the mob members tells a story…




Trace this Farm Bill back to the farmer. When grocery stores are losing business because tens of thousands or more of Snap Program recipients are removed from the Snap Program because they can not find the work now needed for the Snap Program. Grocery stores large and small now buy less from the farmer. LESS business for the farmer means some farmers will be out of business. And. on it goes with cruelty to the poor with slapping family farmers in the face, in this case.


This is consistent with long-time Duopoly Agribusiness Support Policies.

So-called farm bills have two purposes:

  1. Massively subsidize all forms of Agribusiness (primarily for export purposes).

  2. Toss just enough crumbs from the corporate table (like SNAP and some surplus commodities - especially dairy) to keep people from rioting/rebelling/revolting.

On top of all of this, corporate agriculture is based on eco-poisoning chemicals, the dangerous use of GMOs and general disregard for the biosphere and the sustainability of what we know as “life”.

All for profit of course. That’s the U.S. version of Capitalism.


I think the time has come to flush down the toilet the phrase: “Proud to Be an American”. Unless, of course, you share a mindset with the wealthy scum who have it all and still want more…FROM “We The People”!!!


Show me a self declared American “patriot” and I’ll show you a narrow minded socially programmed asshole.


You mean those who still proudly fly the flag right-side up and believe that “all is well, because the gummit is watching out for me”? Those programmed-to-be-a-dumbass assholes?


Here is all the source material anyone needs to understand this. All documents are available to anyone.


I gave this article’s title a thumbs-up! Why? ‘Cuz. The extremists (i.e. bankster repubs and corporate dems) are diggin’ themselves a nice big hole to fall (crawl) into. So, We the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival don’t have to do all the heavy liftin’, i.e. putting our bodies onto the machine, i.e. getting arrested for civil disobedience to an immoral militarism, a climate devastating “consumerism” and an imposed racist poverty economics of stealing from our treasury by the oligarchs and the corporations that front “them”! Yes. Thursday was Summer Solstice. Forty years to the date that three civil rights activists were murdered by the KKK - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Chaney,_Goodman,_and_Schwerner. In keeping with their remembrance, We the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival marched on the Capitol - https://www.facebook.com/anewppc/videos/vb.873203482775828/1732363500193151/?type=2&theater


What this bill proves is the capitalist wish for poor people to drop dead. The “lazy” are not the minimum wage workers who are actually doing an honest job but those who invest and profit off the labor of others. Often they get their fortune through inheritance.


Don’t worry Trump won’t sign this bill- right??? I mean Trump said he was against all subsidies??? When are the dairy supports going away? Why won’t the media talk about all this corporate socialism???


Don’t hold you’re breath waiting on that audit. Every time someone gets on their trail, the Pentagon does the same thing. Promise a audit, give a deadline for the completion of audit, deadline passes - no audit, give excuses why audit wasn’t done, citizens go back to sleep.
It’s been a law since the late 90’s ( I think), that all govt. departments be audited, War dept., has never complied.
I suspect if the issue is pushed, they will redact finance paperwork, and claim National Defense.


Typical Republican hatred of the middle class.


I remember when the Walton family was whining about dropped profits.
The cuts in food stamps that the Waltons were all for turned around and
bit them in the ass.


I get $15 a month in food stamps. What a greedy bastard I am. I’m so ashamed.


If we are going to subsidise farms let it go to the ones doing organic. The more organic’s there are, the lower the prices.
Other than that, did you make the right choice in the election? Elections have consequences. Don’t count on more voters coming out. Rather do more to support the cause. More voters will naturally show up. Volunteer one hour a month doing whatever feels good to do. G


I contacted the people at CREW and sent them links and such. It’s my hope that they have joined forces for the good of all. I haven’t heard back from the Doc at MSU so I don’t know the status of my efforts. The doc’s a really nice guy that just sunshine not a hidden agenda. We’ll see.


When will the populace know that the Republicans are just awful. Vote them out.


More lawsuits need to occur against this government, and Dump personally.


The theocrats think they are great because of rights of the unborn- they are sick.