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'Slap in the Face' to Progressive Outsiders as DNC Adopts Rule Requiring Presidential Candidates to State They Are Democrats


'Slap in the Face' to Progressive Outsiders as DNC Adopts Rule Requiring Presidential Candidates to State They Are Democrats

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The DNC has learned nothing."


What Bernie should say to the DNC… “Fine, I don’t need you. I’ll run as an independent.”


The Dims are a garbage dump, but they have right to require Dim candidates to run as Dims. Now if Bernie or somebody goes to them and says I’m an independent, socialist, whatever and asks for their endorsement, that makes sense.

A bigger issue (still ducked) is abolishing “super-delegates.” Bernie, by the way, is not calling for a total ban on that particular Dim monstrosity. But then, he’s not a Dim anyway. And he refuses to run as a Green and/or Independent and/or “broad front” fusion candidate.

So what is he anyway? A sheepherder whose current presence/non-presence leaves what little is left of the (s)electoral left in the U.S. in serious disarray. That is not a good thing when trying to move from (s)electoral politics to honest electoral politics that help to organize a real left in the U.S.


It’s the DEMOCRATIC party. They can require you be a member. If Bernie wants to play by his own rules he can. So can the Democrats.


Oh, irony, thy name is WWSmith.


Whenever I “think” of Democrat Party what comes to mind is/are: “mothballs”.


This is GRRRRREAT!!! Now Bernard has to wake the fuck up that “It’s a BIG (HORRIBLE!) club, and he ain’t in it!”!! It will also help, hopefully, those who vote Damnocrat holding their noses to WAKE UP! and start looking at and building MORE PROGRESSIVE party alternatives!

Screw you Damnocrats! You just screwed YOURSELVES! (That is IF it wakes enough of the sleeping/brain dying electorate up!strong text


This is actually fabulous news!!!

Now that Bernie has been thrown out, by the effin DNC, of any useless possibility to run as a phony Democrat ---- we have a true “Socialist Independent” (who, of course, would be crazy to run as anything but a GREEN — which BTW is the only party to be explicitly, overtly, and boldly committed already as being Anti-EMPIRE) — and all of these amazingly fortuitous elements of luck are coming together just at the right time to kick the sheet out of EMPEROR TRUMP and his insane megalomaniac sociopathic stupidity of making our country “act like an EMPIRE” during his first and last effin term in the office of president!!!

My only demonstration, march, and protest sign is coming true in spades — as it shouts-out on the front side simply:


and on the back-side under the image of ‘our’ American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

Thank God!

There is a God


Hmmmm. What comes to my mind (keeping it cleaner than I’d like) is NO BALLS!


This was, unfortunately, to be expected. The Democratic party is in the greatest fight for it’s life since 1968. The neoliberals are NOT going to yield power unless they are forced to. The party leadership interested in personal wealth, period. They bought into the 1980’s mentality and are too stupid to give it up and go with the flow. They have zero faith in anything except for their own selves. Reagan succeeded.


May this bring about their LOSS of life! This is a battle I hope they LOSE!!!


Long live the Whigs!!!


Unless you’re a fortune teller you don’t know what Sen. Sanders will do 18-20 months from now. So, your name-calling isn’t helpful. Not to the DSA, Greens, Working Families Party or anyone else.
And, speaking of sheep and dogs, why are Stein and the Greens taking so long in divulging what happened to the $millions of dollars collected for the vote recounts in 3-4 states? " Show us the money!!! ".
Some of my progressive friends say the Greens are a front group on the national level.
I don’t ascribe to that but it’s out there. The 2 rules all of the progressive movements should be aware of: 1) quit shitting in your own nests and, 2) the first rule of holes is, when you’re in one quit digging. Molly Ivins
The DNC is not the entire rank-and-file of the Democratic Party. I’ll say it again, let the 2018 election cycle run its course. Then, revisit the options.


WWSmith, you realize that this bullshit works for one reason, Sanders likely wouldn’t want to run an independent campaign. If he did, your shitty party would lose. That is guaranteed, and your party, which has been declining for decades now (as far as people that identify with your party), and has utterly collapsed in the last decade, it has also squandered its huge lead on the Republicans. Stuff like this is why your party is at this point. If the left got out of your party, it would become the Whigs, and the left should leave.


Am I wasting money supporting progressive Dems going up against establishment incumbents? It would seem so. Wish we had some progressive incumbents that have the guts to abandon the hopelessly corrupt pile of shit the Dem party has become especially over the last 40 years. :puke:

There’s no way to sugarcoat Tuesday’s results. Progressive Democrats were suppressed and cheated across the board in the June 5th primaries. Nearly all of the progressive candidates were defeated.

In California, the state Democratic Party broke its own rules to secure yet another term for two of the most disliked and reprehensible corporate politicians, Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Both have been in office for about 30 years and enriched themselves to the tune of $100 million dollars in the course of their “public service.”

Progressive challengers like Alison Hartson, Stephen Jaffe, and Shahid Buttar, poured their heart and soul into their races but were swept aside by the state and national party machine. So many of these great candidates have told us they’d rather be running in a people’s party. It has never been more clear that we progressives need a home of our own. Chip in to build it with us.

In Iowa, Bernie pulled out all the stops for Pete D’Alessandro. He endorsed him personally, led a rally, raised money and narrated a TV ad, but Pete still came in a distant third. Our Revolution’s Cathy Glasson also lost to establishment Democrat Fred Hubbell in Iowa’s race for Governor.

In New Jersey, Our Revolution and Justice Democrat candidates Peter Jacob and Jim Keady lost their congressional races to establishment candidates. As did progressives in Alabama, New Mexico and Montana.

The Democratic Party doesn’t even pretend to abide by its impartiality rules anymore. It openly floods races in corporate money, feeds opposition research to the media, forces progressives to spend three quarters of their fundraising on consultants and ads, changes the rules required to get party support, knocks progressives off the ballot, denies access to crucial voter data, endorses establishment Democrats, and even gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates.

Adding insult to injury, the Democratic Party will now demand that the progressives who it just cheated endorse their corporate opponents and host a unity rally with them.

Most Americans are progressive on the issues and want profound political change. But in state after state, we’ve seen that the primary dynamics of older and more conservative voters, combined with brazen Democratic Party election rigging, stifle progressive candidates.

More than a hundred years of efforts to reform the Democratic Party show that it blocks the large majority of progressive candidates in the primaries. The few that make it through must show deference to corporate party leaders to receive desired committee assignments and party support for legislation and campaigns. They must moderate their critique of the party and support conservative Democrats in swing districts to turn legislative chambers blue. They must trade favors and votes with neoliberal committee heads to get their legislation heard. They must secure the blessings of the establishment to avoid well-funded primary challenges and keep their jobs. They must toe the party line to move to higher office.

The primaries filter out most progressives and the few that survive are thrown into a party machine that consistently, without fail, reels progressives into the establishment. The incentives for self-preservation and advancement inside the party systematically neutralize progressive opposition.

That is why our country is more plutocratic than ever despite more than a century of attempts to take over the Democratic Party. That is why nearly two out of every three Americans is now calling out for a people’s party. That is why we are bringing together groups like the Vermont Progressive Party, Richmond Progressive Alliance, and Socialist Alternative to build a party with integrity. That is why we are convincing progressive leaders like Tim Canova to leave the Democrats. And that is why we’re uniting the unions that want a home for working people.

Our country and our planet are in profound need of healing. Together we are willing a new world into being. We are as strong as you make us on this journey. If you support our work, please chip in.

With love and gratitude,

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
[Movement for a People’s Party](https://www.forapeoplesparty.org/)


Dems circling the wagons and committing political suicide. This is just more impetus for a new party coalition. I like this Working Families Party.


First of all, as someone who is a member of my local Green Party, I can tell you that there is no huge slush fund of money anywhere in the party. Every candidate running as a Green this year is on their own for raising whatever they can. There is also no truth that we are a front for any Manchurian candidate-like scheme to derail American politics. This is all lies made up by the Democratic establishment to herd the sheeple back into the fold and keep y’all in line and un-woke. Well, wake the eff up! Between this and what is happening to attempts by real progressives to be candidates in the Democratic Party at every level this year, being slapped down at every turn by the party “elders”, it has to be self-evident that reforming the party in any significant way is not going to happen, period. Voters are going to have to go around the Democrats to take back the government for the real, average people. The Democratic party deserves to die and be replaced by the Green Party, which the Democrats are doing everything they can, openly and clandestinely to kill off. They continually lie about us in numerous ways, especially in forums like this. They spread cute, but untrue memes, like "G-R-E-E-N stands for Getting Republicans Elected Every November. Just untrue non-sense. The party is doing a great job all on it’s own to defeat itself by resisting reform and change. Please don’t believe the lies. Please leave the totally poisonous Democratic Party and come and join the true people’s party, the Green Party. Things won’t change right away, but they never will if we do not begin to make it happen!


Actually, if the Dems want to limit their primaries and candidates to Dems, then they should not be allowed to be funded by taxpayers. We are basically funding a 2-party (technically) system that is set up to eliminate anyone but the chosen corporate candidate of either party. Most people do not belong to either party, so why are we subjected to having our own money support a process which excludes us?


If Bernie doesn’t challenge this and do something about this, and other things this dying party is doing, then I will lose respect for him. There are many reasons that he is popular, but a big one is that he isn’t like the rest of these empty and corrupt assholes. This is the type of stuff that helped him to decide to run, and if he gives a meek response to this then he will have lost a lot in the eyes of many people. At some point, he has to start really playing hardball with these people, and so does the left in general. There has to be a breaking point. If 2016 wasn’t the breaking point, shouldn’t stuff like this, as well as what the DCCC and the DNC has done in the primary battles, be it? What is the breaking point, because we have to be pretty damn close?

The Democrats can delude themselves all they want, but this isn’t 1993. Without the left, the party is toast. Done. Over. In a decade or so, when the right wing older Democrats are gone, the party would be radically different. Problem is, those older right wing Democrats vote in ways that might irreversibly harm the party, and the right wing Democrats now running the party are putting a nail in its coffin with all that it is doing. It shouldn’t be assumed at this point that this party will ever recover. It is possible that a party can be so bad that it just goes away, like the Greek Socialist Party. Gone.


This proves without a doubt Sanders should have left the party. If he had, the Dem party would be dead. If he doesn’t now, whether he runs for Pres or not, it will prove the nay-sayers were correct, he was just a sheepdog for the Dem party.