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'Slap in the Face to the People of Flint' as Former Mich. Gov. Snyder Appointed to Harvard Fellowship

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/slap-face-people-flint-former-mich-gov-snyder-appointed-harvard-fellowship

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I had thought Harvard could sink no lower than hiring Larry Summers as president.

I was wrong.


ah, evil rewarded yet again.

nice work, Hahvahd.


Elite institution rewarding the elite? Who’d a thunk it?


I thought Snyder was indicted in MIchigan.

There is no integrity among the right wing.
That includes the right wing of the ‘democrat’ party


The new Dem attorney general dropped the indictments, possibly to pursue the case against Snyder et all her way instead of the way the former Repub AG was pursuing it.

On the other hand, the d-party has proven themselves to be complicit in protecting high ranking officials from prosecution many times. Just ask Nancy “Off the Table” Pelosi…


Just more proof that anyone that is thinking of joining the Republican Party, has to have no conscience and be corrupt; otherwise…forget it!

America a true capitalist country. This man should be under the fucking jail! I knew a guy that was involved in the Russian revolution. What he hated the most was giving protection to the bourgeoisie that once ran the country. They had to protect them from the mobs that were lynching the wealthy. Sometimes he said they would look the other way. Chickens come home to roost!

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Yet another example among near countless where a person supposedly representing the people committed acts of betrayal of their public trust and/or crimes, and wasn’t held to account in any measure, but actually rewarded for their actions (or lack thereof) that threatened the public health or environment - this time rewarded by the system of “good old boy” cover-up Republicon cronyism at Harvard! Fuck Harvard and all who sail in it! Scumbags must pay!


Cannibalism first consumes the psyche, then it can only see its projection onto others, then without a shed of conscience any ‘others’ deemed consumable are ingested. In capitalism it cannibalizes from the base and moves upward as its zombie-like self referential choices hit wall, after wall after wall… until mother nature emerges as the decisive parameter. Batter up…

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The YALE system which is Elites serving Elites and increasing Elite
control over the nation each year as they elevated one another into position …

Where education was once somewhat liberal in the US, the purge has been
fairly successful and the system of moving one’s fellow Elites into place has
over the 100 years cemented their control.

We note the “corporatization” of our colleges over the last three decades –
but it is of course Elites taking absolute control of education/information.

And as we so often see, that information is easily kept from the public and
used for the benefit of the already wealthy – and to confuse and betray the


Harvard’s legacy of profiting off of African chattel slavery is telling–Flint means nothing to them so it remains for us to speak out!




Harvard trains young African economists to go home and advise their government to adopt corporate giant scale agriculture, Normal people are kicked off the land and the Harvard endowment buys in on the land grab.

US university grads are the execs of US Imperialism and officers in the enforcing military empire. University trained capitalist bandits pillage inside the US as well as overseas.


Why is this man still breathing?

It is a cozy club they all belong to. I remember reading about a former Florida Attorney General who had been a big proponent of the death penalty and supported using the electric chair. He ended up as the director of some catholic human rights organization in south florida. They all sit on each others boards and support each other - not us. The U.S. is filled with hypocrisy and professionals who will put their career and self advancement over everything.

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It is more than republican cronyism it is an elite group that belongs to all religions, all political parties, etc. They have to be involved in all groups in order to control things.

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it’s a cozy little club they belong to.

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Ah…yes, the jerk passed the litmus test of willingness to be cruel to the little people.

Expect him to run for President after Trump…wait…after Trump…after Trump…


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So, Harvard “shows its moral superiority” by rescinding right-wing student Kyle Kashuv’s admission for racist comments said when he was 16 … but extends a fellowship to Rick Snyder, who actually poisoned thousands of predominantly black people with his Fascist actions. Why am I not surprised? Harvard is trash.