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Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child in the Face

Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child in the Face

Gregory Shupak
Coverage of Ahed Tamimi obscures Israeli violence and occupation.
"According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are subjected to a military court system that “does not grant the right to due process and the rights derived from it,” whereas Israelis illegally colonizing the Occupied Territories have the rights and privileges of a civilian legal system." (Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús/Flickr/cc)
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Yes, I listened to NPR yesterday give the account on Ahed’s incarceration and her crime of hitting and slapping an IDF soldier who was fully armed. The NPR reporter was Daniel Estrin, and he did not mention the earlier serious head injury of her family member by the Israeli forces. Of course he did not give any background info about the occupation, the rage at Trump’s naming Jerusalem as our embassy location and capital of Israel. Biased isn’t the word for it; toadying to the current U.S.
government line is more like it.


I gave up on NPR the first time I heard them acknowledge BAE for it’s funding at the end of a segment. It has not been public for quite a while. They do solicit and accept funding, however, to keep the illusion going.


Is it any wonder then when Trump’s fake news bombast resonates so strongly? I will guess that there is a majority of USA’ns that whether all along or even just after the fact realize (though many would never admit it) just what a bald-faced lie the whole Iraq campaign (or more broadly - the GWOT) was and is. If even a subset of that majority reflect seriously from time to time, they have surely realized the complicity of all the media, both the msm and PBS, in herding popular opinion into that debacle.

Fake news indeed. How about fake reporting, fake justifications, fake policy, and fake morality. It’s all of a piece. Let’s just call it a fake democracy. A fake beacon of hope for all of humanity.

wrt NPR. An in-law that was a dedicated fan of Rush Limbaugh for years suddenly began extolling the virtues of NPR. Told me all I needed to know. Zeig Heil y’all.


In very general terms, the manner in which this incident has been reported goes back many more years then just the current Government administration. Contrary to what some suggest , outside a small handful of persons there really never has been a tradition of a Free Press in the USA or for that matter in most Western Countries.

The press has ever been a tool of the 1 percent , at times critiquing a given Government or Policy just so as to give the illusion of legitimacy. We can see that mechanism at work as it pertains to Israel but the same process was at work when Ronald Reagan all but sanctified and when “reporting” was done on the “Savage Indians” when those first Pilgrims landed.

The only way towards a genuine Free press is one where it publically owned and freed of funding from private Corporations and individuals. When they owned by Corporations or by that handful of wealthy individuals they are dictated to by the money and anything BUT free.

Back to Israel. Some years ago I posted a link to story (Not carried by the MSM) that spoke to a photograph that had been used in an article by the MSM pertaining to the destruction of homes by Israel in the West Bank. The photograph that was provided showed the image of a home being torn down with the tagline of “Israel destroys home of Terrorist” or some such.

The person who took that original photograph was outraged. In the original photograph there was an elderly Palestinian Woman looking at what was happening and weeping. (It was apparently her house). The Newspaper in question AIRBRUSHED that image out so that Woman no longer existed.

We have been subjected to this manipulation for decades and more. A lifetime of deceit and lies have been fed to us and this shapes all of our perceptions.


And this confession before a military tribunal from a Palestinian terrorist:

“Yes your honors, I defiantly stood my ground while lying on my back, repeatedly punching the Israeli soldier’s fist with my face, and furiously attacking his boot with my testicles.”
–NY Times


The corporate liberal media (including and especially National Yuppie Radio) allows absolutely NO criticism of Israel whatsoever. To do so is to be immediately be labeled an “anti-Semitic racist”.

Impunity is not a strong enough words for the freedom the vile Zionist thugs enjoy to commit humanitarian atrocities.


If it was researched, I would bet the farm, that since Reagans years in the Presidency, at least 95% of the voting electorate have supported the parties of the Duopoly.

I know that I am a broken record on this, however, most everyone here at Common Dreams and in the wider U.S. has enabled the Israelis to murder innocent Palestinians for decades by supporting these political parties.

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out one solution to this never-ending oppression and murder.

Addiction to the Duopoly has destroyed our Democracy.

And most refuse to see this.


The article doesn’t explain why the teenager was shot or what was happening at the time. Why is that information omitted?

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Israeli snowflakes. A little boy slaps and kicks a big tough Israeli soldier, in full gear, and waaah, time for some 10th grade retribution and a 3 a.m. raid against the “assailant’s” family. For a nation with nukes and a fully-US backed multi-billion military, and a 100% strangle-hold on the impoverished Palestinians, these widdle Israelis sure are fragile, weak little pussies. Someone needs to knock that big chip off your shoulder, Zionists.

Gonna happen sooner or later. Methinks sooner is best.


Good point, but I can probably guess, if past incidents is any guide - threw a rock at the widdle Israelis, or gave them the finger. Soooo asked for the bullet in the face.


And what about real reporting on Yemen? Its time to demand that Americans get a full understanding of what they are funding around the world.

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