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Slash Meat Consumption and Avert Climate Catastrophe, Says New Blueprint for 'Sustainable Food Future' by 2050


Slash Meat Consumption and Avert Climate Catastrophe, Says New Blueprint for 'Sustainable Food Future' by 2050

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

To feed the growing human population—projected to reach about 10 billion by 2050—while curbing planet-warming emissions to ward off climate catastrophe, people across the globe must significantly cut back on eating meat from cows, sheep, and goats, according to a new study out Wednesday.


hey perhaps look into eating mussels and oysters maybe do an article on this. as it’s overlooked alot even by vegans. when its practically vegan to eat and great way to lure people into transitioning their diets


This is among the toughest challenges for reducing emissions. Meat consumption has been reduced in some developed countries according to this article but it seems like when people in developing countries begin to gain affluence they then can afford to eat beef and begin doing so. I think many Americans now eat more chicken and fish to cut down on consumption of saturated fats and many have switched to vegan diets. But McDonalds, Burger King, etc still seem to be doing well so clearly Americans are still consuming a lot of hamburgers, I am not optimistic that the new blueprint is going to have much affect.


Stop subsidizing the production of animal products and the vaunted “market” will actually solve much of this by pricing milk and meat out of the reach of most people. Instead, subsidize grains and beans and nuts. This ain’t that hard to figure out.


Fresh water mussels used to be a large part of American Indian diets. Many of those fresh water mussels have gone extinct or are endangered because of silt and pollution. I’d really like to see a return of freshwater mussels. Doing so would require massive land management to reduce siltation, effective controls on pollution and rehabilitation of host fish species for baby clams to say the least. Its a tall order but I’d love to see it happen. I like eating bivalves. I try to make a point of buying farmed oysters just to support oyster farmers.


I’ve been experimenting with edible insects and I have to say that roasted meals worms are good!
I like to sprinkle a handful on my grits. Its a lot like eating bacon bits except they taste more like walnuts.


Whats for dinner? It ain’t beef in my home!


I find it odd that in the case of meat, the approach is exhorting people to individual lifestyle changes rather than the focusing on meat at the production end, but regarding the much greater contributor to global warming - gasoline and electricity usage - nobody is exhorting individuals to change their lifestyle, and instead attack the fuel producers who are only feeding the demand for that lifestyle…


The problem is not meat consumption, but the roughly 50% increase in population. If the increase in population were contained, there would be a concomitant reduction in the need to either increase food production or change diets.


As long as one eats meat produced by the usual Western factory farm production, pretty much all of the criticism of meat consumption is true.

If one eats from a local system in which animals are kept in harmony with the rest of the system, pretty nearly none of it is. It is possible to feed humans on less area less destructively if those people are omnivores because the animals convert many parts of the ecosystem to human-usable food.

None of this applies to food one might normally buy in a grocery store, however. That’s almost entirely factory farmed. However, it does become relevant as we look for solutions. Home gardens and small systems work better with animals incorporated. Larger systems do too, in the infrequent case that they are operated regeneratively instead of destructively.

The large change that we need to make will not be principally driven by people giving up meat or eggs or milk voluntarily. It is also not likely to be resolved in any rewarding way by removing human population. It must, therefore, be driven by a change of method.


Unfortunately the oceans are acidifying and heating up at a breakneck pace, and may be entirely dead within a decade.
There are now hundreds of deadzones in the worlds oceans where nothing lives and no oxygen is being produced. These zones are multiplying and expanding rapidly, and some cover several kilometers already.
As if that was not bad enough “we” are continuing to add metric tons of garbage and unknown quantities of pollution every single day.
Seafood will simply not be on the menu for much longer.


Well, there are farmer’ markets, CSO’s and many food co-ops which source meat and dairy from local farmers.


Start supporting the most efficient proteins those that require the least amounts of water and have the best covers on ratios.


Yup, confirmed. A google search of articles with the specific phrase “meat-shaming” brings up all kinds of articles containing it, but a search of “SUV-shaming” only brings up SUV car reviews…


The population – as populations everywhere – must begin to understand the
immense benefit in undermining capitalism and profits for Elites who have
brought the planet to ruin with their exploitation of it –

PLUS as workers move from jobs profiting corporations/Elites they will move to
green jobs which will benefit us all – and the planet.


The only way they could sustain “cattle” and other animal production – normally
herbivores – is by feeding animals to other animals – making an already disgusting
industry even more disgusting.

Good luck to us all!

But – for those who are interested in bringing down Elites/Capitalism – this is the
opportunity right before us.

And a huge side benefit is ending a long chain of violence Elites depend on to desensitize
us to the suffering of all animal life – and even, imo, the suffering of other human beings.


Agriculture is a huge contributor of CO2 emissions.


I have been a vegetarian for 37 years! Nope, seafood is not vegetarian and certainly not vegan. If you need mentoring for this, please go to PETA or vegan mentors


Raising cows for beef or milk is not healthy to humans and certainly not to the planet. Meat consumption is not healthy period. Cows do not eat meat, but humans eat cows. Does not make sense? Nope. Been a vegetarian for 37 years.


It does not matter- eating meat is unhealthy and is unethical.